Charlotte Hoop Fest 2016

Charlotte Hoop Fest was just this past Saturday and the event was AMAZING! Created to encourage athletes to use their passions as a means to give back to the community, Charlotte Hoop Fest did just that.

This was the inaugural year for the annual community event where local senior high school (private and public) athletes showcase their skills in a “Hot Shot” contest, “Slam Dunk” contest, and “3-point” contest.

Hosted by J Pragmatic from Charlotte’s Power 98 radio station, the Hoop Fest featured dance numbers by students in Fuzion Force as well as the national anthem sung by Maddie Huecker, and an athletic performance from the Rollin’ Hornets. Dj Strategy kept the vibe flowing the whole time with great up beat music throughout, but my favorite part of the event was the fact that EVERYONE had fun. It wasn’t just the participants. Everyone had a fun competitive spirit and the crowd was involved in the end for some Taco Mac and Chili’s giveaways.

Considering the event was too good to pick just one part to love on, I am going to let you know why EACH performance was so awesome.

Maddie Hueker was the first young lady to grace us with her talents. Attending Brawley Middle School just outside of Charlotte, her voice is so powerful. She captivted me instantly making it no surprise that she has also preformed at the Knight’s stadium AND Panther’s stadium and is the lead singer of her band. Maddie also enjoys swimming and swims in Charlotte for MAC. I got the pleasure of meeting her and her family at
the end. To be so young Maddie is so talented and mature. I know I will see her soon for more preformances.

The next performance was given by Fuzion Force. Not only was it lively, but well put together. They had three groups preform (youth co-ed, girls, and boys). Fuzion Force is a national competition team mainly based around Hip-Hop, but also offering cheer tumble, stepping, technique, and contemporary to children ages 5-18. They also offer adult fitness classes. Shawn, the over all director, gave me a little bit of history as to why Fuzion Force was started 3 years ago. She said that the CEO, Tom Hill, always has given back to the dance community and wanted to continue through performance based dancing in the community. Teaching over 50 boys, this dance studio definitely boasts versatility of race , age, and gender. They also have a world championship invite to prove it. Recently, they were invited to the world championship dance competition in New Jersey after being noticed for one of their dances incorporating 40 of their most elite dancers. Having danced at Panther and Hornet’s games and last year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Fuzion Force is very well known for their skill in Hip-Hop dance.

Along with the Local high school basketball players, the Rollin’ Hornets showed off their athleticism also. If you don’t know who the Rollin’ Hornets are, here’s your chance. They are a basketball team comprised of three divisions (Prep, Varsity, and Adult) of differently abled athletes. It is an adaptive sports team based in Charlotte who not only encourage activity to those with leg disorders but they are darn good at it! This past April, all three of their divisions made it to nationals in Louisville, Kentucky and two of the teams placed fifth. With their youngest athlete ever having been 3 and their oldest recently retiring at 63, I would say they have touched and encouraged a lot of people. They are 100% volunteer based as well, which is so cool. I got to meet a few of these inspiring athletes after their showcase and get some pics. I spoke with one of the founders, Mike, and he also gave me a book written by one of the moms of the team called “Anna Brown and the Missing Uniforms”, a mystery based on the team. I can’t wait to read it and let you guys know all about it!

Charlotte Hoop Fest 2016 was so fun and the perfect event to get everyone involved in the community. It will be hard to top, but next year will
be just as awesome, no doubt.

Stay tuned and stay Link’d in with Queen Lo.

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