Something new this weekend (Charlotte, NC)

It’s a new week and I am off this weekend so I got to wondering, “what can I do that doesn’t involve the club like always?” I want to try something new, get out in the Charlotte streets and experience the city in a new way and I figured I can’t be the only one in search of excitement. I know someone is out there craving more than what usually comes along and since it’s summer and the list of fun activities is extensive, let me guide the both of us towards a more fulfilling weekend than than usual.

I don’t know about y’all, but my weekend is starting Friday evening and I love to eat so it feels like a no brainer to head to Plaza Midwood at 1817 Central Ave (behind the light factory) for Food Truck Friday. It starts at 5 and ends at 9pm. Cheese To The Mac, All Star Cafe, Sweet Cakes, KO Food Truck, and Two Chicks and a Truck are just a few food trucks to be featured on the lot. The coolest part about it all is that there are even vegetarian and gluten free options so no one is left out!

I wanna say I know exactly what I’m gonna try, but let’s keep it real, I love food and I’m gonna eat until I drop dead in the heat of Charlotte. Later that night, if you still have some energy, head over to the epicenter for some live music at the Tin Roof. It will be free before ten which will definitely be a relief to my pockets.

Now, I’m off Saturday and Sunday so there’s a lot more time for adventure. I’m thinking fitness bootcamps, hikes, graffiti, and jazz music.

First things first, Saturday morning I’m gonna need to work off all of the food from Friday. I know my first move will be to Flex Club Bootcamp. It’s located at 1033 Zimmer rd, Fort Mill, SC. It’s not far at all from center city Charlotte and right down the street from Ballentyne. On Saturdays class starts with Cam Beverley at 11am, but they have classes through out the week Monday through Thursday at 7pm.

After that I’ll head home to shower and think of the next move. But if a Bootcamp isn’t right up your alley there are plenty of other ways to have great fun! Puerto Rican Festival 2016 is taking place Saturday from noon-8pm. It started last year and it sounds like a blast of great culture. It’s at Marshall Park (800 East 3rd Street) and IT’S FREE!!! There will be more food for us food lovers, live music, dancing, and is family friendly including a children’s area. Bring your luck with you also cause there will be raffles and giveaways.
If you are looking for something more funky and urban, I heard of another cool and cultured event in spirit square teaching hip-hop fundamentals. The event runs from 1-4 and there will be graffiti, a beat making and cooking workshop, and some dancing of course. This event is also free, which is awesome, and sounds fun. I haven’t seen graffiti live before so that’s exciting.

Later on in the night, Freedom Park continues their Jazz Series with Urban Jazz Coalition and Dante Lewis opening the concert at 6 and it will end around 9pm. This concert is also free and concessions will be sold so feel free to bring out the lawn chairs and kick back with good music. No tents are allowed or outside alcohol but those are the only limitations.

That’s a pretty packed day of events but hey, if you need a drink after all of this (or your second or third lol), head to Tin Roof again for live music at 10pm. Same as Friday, it’ll be free before ten, but with all the activities earlier I might not get there before that deadline.

Now it’s Sunday and I’m headed to church and also tired out (or at least that’s what I imagine), so Sunday I will mostly likely be chillin by the pool catching a tan. The high Sunday is 99, sheesh.

I don’t wanna leave you guys hanging without something a little more interesting though. For a relaxing Sunday and a little exercise, head over to Crowders Mountain. It is about 35 min outside of Charlotte, free, and has plenty of trails to hike. Bring lots of water, some snacks, and even your dog. The view at the top is sure to end your week right.

With all of these diversified events there’s something out there for everyone! I can’t wait to see some of y’all out there! Catch ya next week and keep staying Link’d in with Queen Lo.


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