Rooftop 210

In Charlotte there is always something to do for fun. Now as the city grows even more, more things are coming. I have to say if I had to pick one time only to go out I would go to Rooftop 210 on Sunday’s. 

It’s the end of summer so the heat is (kind of) cooling off but I can deal with the heat when I have cool drink in my hand and the good vibes are taking me to another zone.

Sooo about last Sunday……
Every Sunday it’s lit at the rooftop, but the past day party was craaazzzzzy and nothing could stop it. It even rained right before hand, but ended right on time. I’m telling you nothing could have stopped this! I honestly think God shut the rain off just for Skyline Sunday. 

They brought Tori Brixx from “Wild n’ Out” (season 8) out for her birthday and I, along with about 10 other girls joined her in all white attire. Beautiful women surrounded me on every side. I mean freaking BEAUTIFUL! 

Dj Phalse Id and Dj Jayy Hawk was out there getting the crowd turned up with good vibes. We were all dancing, drinking, and even the host Gee-T was turnt. He hosted part of the event on his friend’s shoulders. It was definitely a sight to see. 
So was the amazing view. That’s another reason why I love this event. It doesn’t have a club feel. It is more like a party (yes, there is a difference) because it’s outdoors and there is way more room than the average clubs out there. 
I can’t wait till next week. And you will see me out there for sure. I’m trying to turn up even more this week, so who’s with me? I already have my outfit picked out! 
See you guys out there! And until then,
(Here’s a quick video of part of the event)


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