Lush cosmetics Fresh masks

If you follow any of my social networking pages you know how much I love face masks. I’ve tried DIY masks, drug store masks, hand made masks, any kind I can get my hands on I like to try. Lately though I’ve found myself addicted to one brand in particular….. 
Lush is a cosmetic store that sells 100% vegetarian, non-animal tested, handmade, ethically bought beauty products in recycled packaging (TIP: save all your jars,with every five returned, you get free fresh mask). 
A year ago I was introduced to their products by my friend and Taz’s Angels. They were using their fresh face masks. 
Lush’s fresh face masks are hand made with fresh ingredients. Since they are fresh, the majority of them carry an expiration date that comes around sooner than later. They do offer self-preserving masks though that do no expire. 
Lush uses ingredients like fine essential oils, butters, clay, vegetables, and fruits to ensure your face is getting the most relaxing, nourishing experience possible. 

And another plus, they smell AMAZING! They have masks to help with acne prone skin, oily skin, mature skin, and more. Even masks so gentle they can be used on younger skin (my daughter loves using these masks with me)!

You averagely leave the masks on between 5-15 min depending on the mask. After it drys (some you wash off before they dry so make sure you read instructions), wash it off with warm water and begin the next step of your facial care with a toner and moisturizer. 
Lush offers special tea tree toners and skin-type specific moisturizers as well so you don’t have to worry about looking any further for your beauty product. Lush is a one-stop beauty shop!

I don’t necessarily have a favorite mask. I have honestly used nine different masks since I discovered my fresh beauty paradise. Sometimes I use two at a time on different areas of my face to target specific problem areas. 

For example, I have used cupcake ( a chocolate mask for oily skin) on the T-zone area of my face and then applied cosmetic warrior ( a garlic and tea tree mask for acne) to the other areas where I get the most breakouts. Neither mask is supposed to dry completely, so it’s not a complicated facial.

With the variety of products Lush offers it’s guests, you can find something for you, your best friend, AND your mother! You can enjoy anything from body soap and bath bombs to hot oil treatments and natural conditioner. 
Need some Lush for yourself or a friend? 
Download the app or visit LUSH.COM.
They ship all over the world and you can also find a list of all their store locations online.

If you do stop into the store, make sure to pick up a beauty catalog to learn about all the new products and services they provide.

Enjoy your new fresh masks! Follow my Instagram for more posts about Lush and ALL of their products!



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