The Nappy Chef

Hey family!!!
I’m back today to let you guys know about some awesome food being offered by a personal chef in Charlotte, NC.

On Saturday I went to Platinum Plus Recordig Studio for a listening party for Money Bagz new mixtape release. My homie Kya told me there would be free drinks and food, but I was totally unaware I would be having a little piece of heaven.
When I walked in the Nappy Chef’s banner was hanging up so knew he was catering the event. I got excited! 
I had a flash back from earlier this week when I recorded a commercial for the Spice Lounge and their grand opening with the Nappy Chef. Just from reading the commercial my mouth watered. 
The talk of specialty bowls, wings, and burgers all sound great but his specialty “jerk chicken mac and cheese” had my tummy screaming to get some. So I know you guys can understand why I was so eager to try it. 
(Nappy Chef’s chicken and waffle)

He personally made me plate after I told him how excited I was to have some. I tried a little of everything. I got his lemon pepper and thai chili wings along with his Mac. 
His Mac and cheese was great! It was really creamy, super cheesy, the jerk flavor was an awesome twist and honestly I could eat it all the time if I wasn’t on this low-carb diet. 
(Famous Mac and Cheese)
I wanted to throw my hard work out the window and smash a whole pan of Mac and cheese right then and there. Then, somehow I managed to find enough self control to not ask for another helping.
Next, I tried things wings. Now if I’m gonna keep it real with you guys (which I always do!), I’m telling you the wings were my favorite! 
I don’t know if he slow cooked them or what, but right when I took a bite the chicken fell right off the bone. I was literally on the phone and had to stop the conversation just to let my friend know, “girl, he put his foot in this ish”!
(Lemon Pepper wings and fries)

Lemon pepper has always been my favorite flavor, a classic, yet thai chili took the win on this one. It was a little spicy which I loved but still a little sweet to counteract the kick.
I went back inside to complement the chef and learn a little more about the Nappy Chef.

After talking to him, he let me know that he has actually been cooking his ENTIRE life. He has been a celebrity chef for three years now. 
He is now opening up a new and improved menu at Spice at night AND does deliveries during the day from 11:30a – 4:30p delivering to all areas of Charlotte!
You can find him on Instagram @nappychefbe
Stop by the kitchen @ 4116 N. Tryon starting at 9pm.

Or order from 

(704) 564-9745

I don’t know about you guys, but I know what’s for lunch today!

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