DIY honey mask

Hey guys! 
Yesterday I told you I was going to let you know about a DIY face mask and I wanted to give you something that is EASY and that ANYONE can use! And my DIY pick is……

A Honey and Cinnamon mask!

I picked this for a few reasons:
1. The biggest skin problem I have is acne

  1. I needed to clean my pores 

  2. And it has anti-oxidants to help with aging so all age groups can benefit!
    This mask works well because honey contains anti-bacterial properties and the cinnamon is not only anti-bacterial, but also anti-fungal.  

The recipe is also extremely easy and uses only two parts! 


  1. Grab a small sized bowl and ingredients 

  2. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to create a paste like texture. (You can add more cinnamon if need be)

  3. Apply the mask directly to face! (I rub mine in as I apply it)

  4. Wait 20-30 mins (this part may be a little sticky)

  5. Remove with warm water, rubbing in circular motion (the cinnamon lightly exfoliates)

(You guys want the 100% truth about how I feel about this mask right?)

Overall, I love this mask! First off it’s extremely quick, easy, and I feel like most people have these ingredients in their pantry so anyone can easily put this to use. 
Another benefit is that it smells amazing so you don’t mind waiting the 20 or 30 mins you have to keep it on. Even if a little gets on my lip, honestly, I lick it off cause it takes so good.
It’s easy to wash off because the honey almost dissolves away with the warm water. And the cinnamon lightly exfoliates your face, leaving you feeling refreshed and moisturized from the honey.
The only downfall of the mask is how messy it can get. Once I applied the mask and noticed it started dripping off of my face I put a towel around my neck, but as long as you use the towel you will be mess free. 

If you guys try out this natural mask, or have any comments or requests, let me know! 

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