How oil can heal your acne

​Hey family!
I am extremely excited to let all of you know about one of my favorite parts of my beauty process! I first heard of jamacian black castor oil at the beauty supply store I get my wigs from.

(Yes, I wear wigs sometimes. It is a good protective hairstyle and I love switching up my look! I still love my natural curls, but sometimes I want ombre purple, long, wavy locks.)

Anyways, after shopping for a new wig the cashier gave me a few samples of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. She told me to rub it into my hair and scalp after I braided my hair down. So I did try it and the immediate results were AMAZING! First off my head itched less from the wig, but mostly my hair felt so healthy after two days of using it. My hair had a natural shine and felt noticbly softer.

That is what made me look up exactly what Black Castor Oil could do for me and all it’s other uses. I found many great uses for this oil, my go to being a healer to my ance. It contains antibacterial and antiviral which will kill the bacteria that is acne causing. It also helps build collagen to promote young looking skin, as well as naturally removes dirt and oils which cause breakouts.

I use the oil in a few different ways. My sister put me on to a DIY scrub I’ll let you guys know about later, but I like using a little differently. After remove my makeup, I rub Jamacian Black Castor Oil into my face. In circular motions I add a generous layer of the oil onto my face focusing on the areas that are most acne prone.

I then get a warm wash cloth and wipe it away. If you feel like you want to rinse the wash cloth and do one more wipe over your face feel free. After, no your face doesn’t feel oily, it feels SMOOTH! I mean refreshingly smooth, like “Damn oil, where have you been all my life” smooth! I did this last night and woke up feeling like Beyonce.

Like everything I tell you guys about, this is not just for women it’s for anyone looking for better healthier skin! Late this month I will be starting YouTube videos so you can see how I put al these tips to work!

Thanks for all your support and fam, put me to work! If you have any skin issues you need help with or any questions, comment below!


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