Labor Day Weekend

It’s lit this weekend! It’s Labor Day weekend, school is starting, and every one in the city is wondering where the turn up really is. Don’t worry guys, let me guide you towards all the places you really need to be.
First off today the Carolina Panthers have a game! They play the Steelers at 7:30 and it’s home, so you already know the city will be filled with spirit and and an overwhelming feeling to turn up! So Thursday before and after the game I know the epicenter is gonna be packed. Wild Wing Cafe is there along with Tin Roof, Kandy Bar, and Blackfinn so there are plenty of options for good food and strong drinks.
If the epicenter doesn’t sound like your vibe, Onyx Charlotte will be goin up for the after party and I know it’ll be packed out there. It’s $3 Thursday so it’s definitely the spot for a good drink and Dj Ngenius will be out there keeping us on the right wave. Who knows who might pull up considering we are hosting a home game and it is Labor Day weekend, so if you are up for good music and beautiful women, I suggest sliding out here. (I love Onyx and there’s a huge chance you might catch me out here!)

Friday is when it really goes down though. It’s time to stunt on your ex, your side piece, your baby daddy/mom cause 21 Savage is coming to the city! He will be performing live at Trust Bar and Lounge and the doors open at 10. I got word tables and tickets were close to being sold out so best bet is to hurry and get your tickets. You can hit me up for any pre-sale tickets or go on Trust’s IG and click the link in their bio (@trustclt). (Tip: Pre-sale tickets will be in a separate line so it will also move faster).

After Trust the wave moves to Cameo. If you are looking to continue your night after Trust with some good food and music slide through. You never know, that could be where 21 Savage is headed (or anyone for that matter). Cameo is known for having different celebs in attendance. 
Saturday, find yourself a nice pool and cookout so you can relax before stepping out to NoCA Uptown for Dj Envy’s (from “The Breakfast Club) Birthday Celebration and Grand Opening! It’s at 505 East 6th street in downtown Charlotte so I suggest to head out early to avoid traffic and to make sure you you get in. Also, Dj Envy won’t just be there, he is going to Dj as well! Chewy from 92.7 the block and Shaun Nice will be there too. For any VIP or tables call 980.636.0519.

If you skip Saturday, no problem, cause Sunday is when it all really goes down. I know y’all remember my post about Roof Top 210 when they hosted Tori Brixx birthday party. If you don’t, you need to go read it for a recap! Bottom line the whole city came out to show love and this weekend will be no different. Dj Jayyhawk, Dj Nolo, and Dj Ngenius will be there to get us hype because this will be the last Roof Top party of the summer! It’s the Skyline Sunday Grand Finale. Hookah is available, good vibes, and wonderful weather. Come out Sunday (I will be there for sure!) and party with me and my home girls! 

(Me and my best friend at Roof Top 210)
Also if your in the mood for a more chill vibe with some good R&B, hookah, and a Celebrity appearance then head to Red @28th in Noda. Ricco Barrino will be there celebrating the release of his NEW EP “Ferrari Infidelity” and performing live with a band! I listened to the whole EP yesterday. My favorite song is “Come to the Money” for sure. You guys can check it out on
After, head to the Red Eye Diner, grab something to eat, sober up a little, and finish your night off at Label. Greg Money Man Jones from Streetz 103.3 will be hosting along with Sport E. Odie and they always bring out the sexy ladies. Again, doors open at 10pm. I don’t know if food will be here this Sunday, but last week they had food and hookah available on the patio. No rain is expected, so it will be a great night to go out and end Labor Day the right way.

(Me and some beautiful ladies at Label last Sunday)
You guys this is a weekend FULL of things to do. Most of y’all are off Monday so there is no excuse to why I won’t see you out at any of these events! Bring your home girls, bring your cousins, tell your momma and I’ll see you guys tonight at Onyx after the game!

  • (Be safe this weekend, don’t drink and drive, and call an UBER.) and 

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