Labor Day Weekend (part one: 21 Savage, Ricco Barrino, and Dj Envy)

Hey! So we are half way through Labor Day weekend and there is lots to be said about the past two days! If you read my last post, you know I’m talking 21 Savage and Dj Envy. It was definitely a weekend to remember with some added strip club fun and the addition of some other celebrity appearances!

I kicked my weekend off Friday night and with 21 savage in Charlotte, I knew where I needed to be. I went to pick up my VIP ticket for Trust Bar and Lounge from my friends from Unfair Apparel and I immediately noticed a long line out front. At that point I knew I was in for a GREAT night because it was only 10:30 and I never see an actual crowd lined up that early for a club.

After picking up my tickets Me and my friend wanted to grab some drinks to get ready and in the mood for a party. The first place I thought to go was Stache House. I knew Dj Ngenius would be there and I love some good hookah which is definitely their specialty. With great vibes and what Ngenius would describe as “eclectic trap” it was definitely something I would come back to. Plus it was only $1 to get in and full of young professionals.  Where they do that at?!

I headed in the club around 1230 and went straight upstairs to VIP. As I looked down on the crowd I felt a vibe. Not the “ratchet” vibe everyone told me to prepare for either ha. It was an overall feeling of excitement and fan love. Before the 21 savage performance, other artists preformed as well. Mario Micmanordj had the club elevated and took full control of the crowd. No lie, I have not seen a crowd of people so interactive and lit, that takes pure talent.

I knew when 21 savage got there with out even seeing him arrive! That’s how loud it got in the club, I knew something had to be going on! The performance was energetic. He preformed “X Bitch” which is one of my favorite songs and quite honestly one of the only ones that I know. I had a great time though. Oh yeah, Yes, I’m alive! I heard there was a riot in Greensboro the night before, but Charlotte only showed love. It was a wavy experience!

Afterwards I went home and got some rest because I knew Saturday was going to be another late night experience. (I just didn’t know how late at the time).

NoCA Uptown was the place to be Saturday and it was their grand opening. The vibe there is so artsy and modern, offering specialty dishes, cocktails, and hookah.

Even Dj Envy, from the Breakfast Club, came out to celebrate his birthday. He brought his gorgeous wife along with him but took a break from his party to turn us up a bit and Dj.

Ricco Barrino was also in the building celebrating as well, he just released his new EP “Ferrari Infidelity” which in my opinion is bomb. I got to speak with him a little about his new music. My favorite song on his EP being “Come to the money”. (I’ll let you know more about Ricco and his new music later though. Tonight is his live performance at Red 28th in Noda with his band.)

After I headed out with Ricco to finish off the night at Cameo. We got there around 230 and people were still headed inside! Fresh Dot Dollaz was there hosting and Dj Trap on the 1’s and 2’s. Ricco turned up a bit on the mic to his song “California” and even hit a few parts accapella. Once the night started slowing down I got my wings

(By the way, after a debate about Onyx and Cameo, we decided Cameo definitely takes the win on “Best Wings”) and I headed home!

That was about 430-5 AM!!

Somehow I managed to wake up and write this for you guys. But I won’t lie, first I definitely ran a hot bath and slathered on a face mask so when I see you guys at Rooftop I look refreshed!

Today Dj Nolo, Dj Jayy Hawk, And Dj Ngenius will be in the building for the day party from 4-9. You can catch me there AND at Red 28th in Noda to see Ricco Barrino preform live. After that I’ll be headed to Label.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how the weekend ended and as always some great pics from the event.

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