Label On Sunday

Hello on this lovely Tuesday afternoon!

Hopefully every one is back in the groove of things at work and ready to get back in action. I know yesterday was kind of rough and I definitely got a late start to my day, but I rested up and have been up grinding since 6am. I was finally able to step away though and get to what is really important to me, sticking to my word and letting you know what Label was really like on Sunday!

I told you in my last post it was packed when I pulled up to the club and a total of more than 1,000 people where in the building! The vibe on Sunday had me reminiscing on the past when Label used to always be the spot on Sundays with Sport E Odie as the host. Well, he is back again, this time with Greg Money Man Jones, making it seem like Label is back to it’s good ol’ days! Dj Trap, Dj Jayy Hawk, and Fresh Dot Dollaz were also in the building filling the atmosphere with great energy and good vibes.

Aside from good music and strong drinks, let me tell you about the crowd Label brings out. As Sport E Odie would say, there are only sexy people who come out each and every sunday. Good looking men poppin’ bottles and sexy women doing the same. Everybody together for the the cause: to get litty and look good while doing it. I noticed two photographers, V Dot and J Mark, out there capturing the moments. J Mark snapped a pic of me before we really started turing up.

I bounced around the club for a while and noticed how packed it really was, all levels were full. I should have expected that though because the tables were sold out before the doors even opened. I chilled with my homies in the lower section and when I say everybody at ALL the tables were popping bottles, I mean EVERYBODY! Everyone beside me had a bottle of champagne in their hands and liqour bottles at the table.

With crowd as live as it was you already know when Sport E Odie walked in the building, he and Greg Money Man Jones turned up. I could tell he felt back at home just off how lit he looked on stage with his D’usse cross in hand and partner Fresh Dot right beside him. Three(111) a.k.a. S. Dub, from BET’s One Shot, was also in the building turning up with them as well.

Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention they have food now! Outside on the patio the served wings, shrimp, and beef patties. I personally didnt have any, but my homegirl Deja had atleast two, so take it from her, they were good! They also serve hookah outside, so if you are looking for a club scene with a more chill enviornment, head to the patio.

Afterwards, Club Cameo was open for Labor Day weekend and although I wasn’t in attendance, I heard they only elevated to vibe of the night further. I expect if you read my post about Cameo on Saturday you already know how wavy it already is in general, so just imagine on a holiday! In reflection, I should have just went off the strength of how good their wings are, but it’s my loss, I’ll catch some next time!

You guys stay tuned into my page later today as well cause I am letting you all know exactly everything that went down during Ricco Barrino’s live performance, and the reason why it looks like Red @28th is the new sunday move!



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