Labor Day Weekend (part two: Ricco Barrino’s live performance, Rooftop 210, and Label)


Happy Labor Day!

How are you guys doing today? If you are like me your feet hurt, your exhausted, and you don’t have work today. Although the last part isn’t 100% true. I did get to sleep in for a bit, which was well needed after yesterday.
Sunday I went to three different events. It could have been four,but after Label I was too tired for Cameo, which made me wonder. “Am I really getting worn out this early? I’m only 23, I’m too young for this!”
(Side note: I got a camera to bring with me to take pictures and forgot my memory card, so phone pics will have to do for now. I do want you to know though that I will be having better quality pictures and lots more events for you!)

Anyways, rooftop 210 was poppin yesterday, as always. I think my favorite thing about rooftop is that it’s 18+ with a 21+ feel! It’s just lots of young professionals coming together for a good time before the weekend is over. The weather was perfect too. It was hot, but not blazing, and I definitely put my shades to work!

One thing in particular I noticed yesterday was all the steeze. (Steeze= swag, style, etc. for those of you who don’t know). Charlotte is on the come up and you can tell with how fashionable people have begun to dress. That, or more people from New York are moving down here. Sometimes it feels like no one in Charlotte is from Charlotte except for me!

Lots of people showed love and came out though to celebrate the end of summer and Bankroll Marcus’s birthday! Hosted by Kash Da God and with Dj Nolo, Dj Shotime, and Dj Jayyhawk on the turn tables, the whole day was full of energy! I had a great time too thanks to Dj Ngenius, Tony Lester, Coolly Coolly, and Alexx K Gray. So, big ups to them as well! I had to leave about thirty minutes early for my next event, but I wish I could have stayed a little longer.

As I was leaving, more people were headed up, but I had to fly over to Red on 28th hookah bar for Ricco Barrino’s live performance. I won’t give up too much here because his performance was so great that I’m dedicating a post just for that, but I will tell you the love was amazing. Picture live poetry, music, positive vibes, hookah, and some comedy as well! He did some old songs and new ones, off of his recently released EP “Ferrari Infidelity”, with his band. He finished his set around 10:30 and then it was time to head to yet another event!

Once I got ready I headed to Label. I pulled up at 11 which I thought was pretty early, but not early enough apparently because traffic was crazy, the parking lot full, and the line long as ever. I said a little prayer in my head thanking God for letting me be able to skip it all and walked up to the club. Don’t quote me on this but I heard over 1,000 people were in there, only proving Label is getting back to how it used to be when Sport E Odie was there originally. Greg “Money Man” Jones was there hosting along with Fresh Dot Dollaz, DeeJay Trap, and Dj Jayy Hawk as well. After wards the move was cameo and although I wasn’t in attendance I hear it was the wave for real. Everyone was hittin up me as I laid my tired self down.

If you want to know more about Ricco Barrino’s performance or Label this past Labor Day weekend, check in tomorrow! I’ll have tons of pictures from both events with lots of details about how each went!
Much love!

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