Ricco Barrino’s live performance (Soulful Sunday’s)

Wassup guys?!
I am back again today to give you one last post about my favorite event this weekend, Soulful Sundays! It’s a compilation of poetry, music, comedy, and live painting! Going on for about three years now, this is a welcomed atmosphere in Noda Charlotte! Are you wondering “what is Noda?”.

 Let me tell you about this artsy hotspot.
Noda is off of North Davidson street in Charlotte, NC and full of creativity. Picture this: craft breweries, spoken word, specialty restaurants  (my favorite being Amelie’s), dance, and music all combined in one zone of the city. Let me tell you, Sunday the place to be in Noda is Red on 28th Hookah bar for Soulful Sundays.

Starting as a place where artists of all nationalities and backgrounds can come together to support each other, Soulful Sundays does just that. Here, artists are given an opportunity to better promote themselves and their art while creating a following. It’s actually awesome because they are able to sell their merch, promote their movement, and gain support in order to progress their careers, and I’m all for progression! Since it is held every week, it allows for multiple different people to showcase their talents! 

This Sunday was super dope though because it was my first time hearing spoken word in person! A poet named Superman blessed my soul with his poetry and left me wanting more. He did two pieces and the second, called “New $#!+”, was an interactive one with the crowd which was a cool twist I wasn’t expecting. I could tell by the crowd that they loved him and by his performance, I know it wasn’t his first go ’round.

Before I get into why I’m really writing this article, I wanted to give one last mention to a comedian who made me laugh the whole time I was there! Plus, he said I looked important, so since he mentioned me, you guys already know I’m returning the favor.

Known as Burston with Comedy (IG: @burstonwithcomedy), Tyrone Burston took over the stage and crowd having us all laughing out loud. Showing off his skills, he even found a way to turn regular books into a tool for his show. This was actually my first stand up comedy experience as well, and I definitely will be hitting up comedy zone to get some more laughs. So thanks again Burston! The laughs were much needed!

Okay! Now that I got some other great stars out of the way, let’s get to the main event of the night, Ricco Barrino and his live band! Let me start by saying I always knew Ricco could sing, but his talent surpasses that of the average. He literally showed so much range in his voice I questioned if he were an angel.

He performed some old classics that had the whole room singing along. Going from the 70’s era all the way to some new school, he gave everyone a taste of something to enjoy. Speaking of new school, he did a few of his own songs off of his recently released EP “Ferrari Infidelity” and of course “California”. His song “Come to the money” is my favorite song off of the EP and I was so excited when he got to singing that! I stood up out my seat and started jamming with him right when the beat dropped.He really proved himself to be an awesome performer. 

While out there he made sure to let his fans know how much he appreciated their support. He also sold hard copies of his EP for $5 telling us that he is still an independent artist. You can find his new EP on livemixtapes.com, so go now and support a local artist!

To know about more events, uni-sex skin care and celebrity news follow along! 

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