Shea Moisture Masks

I know I have been blasting you guys with tons of different events going on in your area, but today I come to refresh your mind with something new; face masks! Oh, and for those of you who’ve been asking for store bought options, it’s your lucky day. Picture effective and healing clay masks that comes at a cost efficient price.

I found these new masks a few days ago walking through Walmart. I originally went in to get a few shower products. I was specifically looking for Shea Moisture bath/shower items (One of my favorite brands for all skin and hair care). As I was on my way to grab their super fruit scrub, I passed by a Togo face mask stand. 

They had multiple brands that I haven’t heard of before, so when I saw the Shea Moisture logo I got excited! There were a few options available from acne treatment to moisturizing and brightening. I picked the mask to treat dull skin as well as one for acne. Then I noticed they are only $2.5 per mask!! (I’m surprised I didn’t by about ten of them, I’m proud of my self control!)

My sister had used the black mud mask recently and only had great things to say so it felt like a no brainier to use it first. 

A little about Shea Moisture: 

They are a family owned and operated company who use ethically traded and certified natural ingredients. They also don’t test their products on animals, but actually keep all the testing in the family, which is comforting to know. It’s also made in the US, in Amityville, NY. 

Anyways, I used the “African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask” first. If you guys know anything about tea tree oil, you know it helps clear up your skin. This mask contains that oil plus the mud and african black soap which works to purify and soothe your skin. 

As far as the application, it’s a little more watery than the “Radiance Mud Mask”, but goes on smooth. Smell is important when it comes to something sitting on your face too. This mask doesn’t smell bad necessarily, but it does smell like play-dough. There is tea tree oil in this mask too, so it helps heal your breakouts. 

(when I use tea tree oil on its own, I put it on my blemishes at night before bed and when I wake up my breakouts have been calmed and are less noticeable.)

Masks for blemishes are harder to see immediate effects because they work over a period of time, but with masks like the “Radiance Mud Mask”, you see quicker results. Between the two masks I used, this one was my favorite. 

It had cooling properties which immediately made my face feel more fresh. Also, it’s consistency is thicker, so the way it dried was more tight on my face which is a plus for me. It contains coconut so the smell is not like play-dough, but more of a herbal smell. The hibiscus mixed with the coconut really helps brighten your skin, changing your skin from dull to nourished. 

With both masks, you leave them on for 10 mins and its suggested to use once a week. If dealing with breakouts, I think the clarifying mask is fine to use twice a week. That mask is very light and not too strong like the average mask for acne, so if you want to calm your breakouts try it out!

Like I told you all, I got these sample masks from Walmart. Ulta, Target, Sally’s, and most other beauty supply stores carry Shea Moisture products, so swing by the store closest by and try these masks out! I also use Shea Moisture’s body oils and scrubs, shower gels, and hair care which all smell great and work very well.

Thanks for checking in again this week for some more uni-sex skin care and check in again next Monday for new mask review! If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback let me know! 

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