A Dope A** Art Show and Cool Vibes @ Club One

Hey family! I’m so excited to let you know about an art show I went to Wednesday that was like no other! 

I think the coolest part about art shows is being able to see how the artist’s style changes throughout the years, visualizing different moments in their life. Every one takes away something different from each painting, almost a tribute to the way we view life differently. I even got a chance to talk to Neer, the lady behind it all, and hear her take on each piece. That felt like a blessing, how often do you get to step into the creative mind of someone else? 

Anyways, the vibe was….. For lack of better words, cool! When I walked inside, Neer’s art guided me into the room. Almost taking my hand while I floated from piece to piece. I wish I could describe the art, but that would be such an injustice, so I’ll leave a pic or two. Her art made me look into my own eyes and at some point feel pain and joy at once. Oh and I can’t forget her live painting, that was too dope!

Also, Trust renovated their bar a bit and the upgrades definitely went along with the artsy environment. The swing chairs were my favorite upgrade, giving the bar a modern feel. Their niche booths also add an intimate vibe and with the addition of Neer’s art, everything came together in unison!

 Another great reason to have come was the drink specials and hookah. ($3.50 jack and Coke is a hell of a deal). There was a good mix of people and a live Dj. The Dj for the night, “Superman Dave” really kept the vibe flowing throughout the night, so much so that Trust stayed open an extra hour. You could really tell everyone enjoyed their art filled night of fun. 

It all wrapped up around ten though, and it only felt right to ride the wave for a couple more hours. 

I headed over to Club One after I changed to finish the night with a few drinks. Yes, I said Club One on a Wednesday, but before you bite my head off let me explain. I know you’re thinking, “isn’t Oak Room on Wednesdays?”. I have an answer for you, Yes. Here’s the thing though, I wasn’t looking to go to the club, let’s keep it real it’s getting old. I was looking for a sexy vibe. Good music, hookah, drinks, a lounge, and Club One served me that vibe exactly.

I don’t know if you were ever there this summer, but it was so hot inside as if the A/C was broken. If that were the case, it’s been fixed now. The room was comfortable and didn’t feel stuffy at all. Lately, I’ve been tired though, so I headed out around one to go home and prepare for the next day! I’ve been sleeping in too much and needed more rest, but Club One is the place to be if you feel the same!

My Wednesday was definitely perfect. I was able to enjoy drinks, have a little classy fun, and do it all in a chill environment. If you’re looking for something cool and flowing come next week with me to Club Ons again next week.

Oh and if you are searching for where to go this weekend, you know I got you. 

It’s Mario The Micman’s (from Streetz 103.3) birthday! So you know the city is going up for him. I heard Onyx went all the way up on Tuesday, and this weekend he will be at White House on Friday and Trust on Saturday. I’ll be at Trust and see you out there! 
FYI: The Game has a performance at Label Sunday night! Get your tickets fast!!

Much love!
Queen Lo.

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