Pure Clay Masks: My favorite mask so far

Hey guys! 

It’s Monday, so it’s the start of a fresh week and a fresh face. I know I write about natural masks most of the time, but this past week my girl K Sweets put me onto an awesome mask from L’oreal. Actually, scratch that, she introduced me to three different ones! 

One of my favorite things about these masks is that they’re so affordable! Each mask is only $10 at Walmart! I also saw an add that they were buy one get one 50% at Ulta (ulta.com 12.99). I was at Walmart picking a couple things up though. I got a new hair mask (Shea Moisture),”Hair Milk” for my curls (Carol’s Daughter) and the face masks to prepare for a relaxing day.

Each mask contains four key ingredients: Kaolin, Montmorillonite, and Moroccan Lava Clays plus one other natural ingredient (Red Algae, Charcoal, or Eucalyptus). Each mask is formulated to help with different skin types and issues. I bought one to detox and brighten my skin and one other to exfoliate and refine my pores. 

The best thing about both of these masks is that you see many immediate results. I mean generally you have to consistently use something for a while to see results, but with this, your face will look and feel great after the first application! They suggest you use it three times a week though for lasting results.

My favorite mask between the two is the charcoal mask which is kind of a no brainier since I deal with acne-prone skin. With both masks, you apply a thin layer of clay to your face and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. After removing the charcoal mask, the immediate results were surprising! My face appeared brighter, skin looked and felt smoother, and overall I felt really clean! As the mask is on it is almost like you can see it pulling out the toxins and dirt from your pores!

The other mask I purchased used red algae instead of charcoal as the fourth ingredient. This mask is for exfoliation and refining pores, definitely leaving your skin noticeably smoother! Again, you apply it in a thin layer. 

It is a little grainy, but I love when my exfoliating products are grainy so that I can physically feel them working. When you remove this mask, rub it off with warm water in a circular motion, for best results. Immediately after you’re done your face will feel so smooth, your pores so small, and you’ll get excited for the next time you use it.

Throughout this past week I followed instructions, using the charcoal mask three times and the red algae mask once. After the end of the week, my face is not just noticeably smoother but also more clear. I can definitely say the cystic acne that bothers me deep under my skin has gone away for the most part and my face is left with only a few pesky blemishes. Someone even complimented how my skin looked clearer the other day! 

Im am so excited to share these masks with you this week guys! I hope they help your face as much as they have helped mine! Let me know your thoughts on the masks and your results in the comment section! 

(Tip: you can use both masks at the same time in sections! For example, use the green mask in your t-zone for oily areas and charcoal on the rest, or whatever you are most comfortable with!)


Queen Lo.


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