Another man. Another hashtag.

Family! Today I write to you about an event I could have never foreseen. Something that was not expected, yet should have been. For so long now innocent black men have been taken away from their family and loved ones and now it has come to my home, Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday September 20th, 2016) father and husband, Keith Lamont Scott was shot as he waited for his son to come home from school. 

Police were in The Village at College Downs apartment complex to serve a warrant for another man when they claim Keith exited his car with a firearm. The police said that their life was endangered and shots were fired. From what I have read up to four shots were heard. 

 Witnesses say he was simply reading a book as the police approached and that he was immediately fearful of the situation. But how can we blame a black man for being fearful in the first place when an obvious war is against us?

His daughter Lyric “YourAdorable” Scott posted live on facebook showing us another fatal attack by the police. Another attack where the officer is allowed paid leave. Another attack where they shot first and asked questions last. 

All of this bringing up the real question, when does the second amendment protect us? 

If we, as citizens, are legally able to carry firearms, why are we being killed for exercising our rights?

Shortly after the shooting many citizens from the community came to protest. Initially starting peacefully, it soon moved to highway 85 (exit 45b) and turned to a riot after police presence bore down on them heavy. Men and women opened 18-wheeler trucks, burning boxes and causing the highway to be shut down. A riot squad was issued and after a few hours tear gas was used to subdue the crowd. 

To see my personal friends upset and hurt by injustices in our communities and full of tears in their eyes; not just from the sadness, but also by the hands of what feels very much like our enemy, the CMPD, ripped at my soul.

After the highway, most people dispersed, but I followed a small group to the Walmart on N. Tryon. Lasting for about an hour, I witnessed anger, confusion, and a lack of leadership. The group was able to get into the Walmart and steal whatever they were able to make away with, but the scariest part was when the riot squad arrived on scene.

They were walking up as civilians were escaping the building. As stragglers were exiting the police were right on the door. I said a prayer and everyone escaped safely. Although I don’t condone what happened, I was thankful that we didn’t lose another human to this gut wrenching night.

As I made my way closer with about 2-3 others, armed Only with our cameras, the officer in charge let his team know to “light us up” if we got closer. I don’t know what he meant by light us up, but I didn’t want to find out. 

A small group looted the gas station in walking distance and fled, making that the end of the night. Overall, I feel nothing but numb knowing this is happening in a city I was born, raised, and love.

You guys, I feel the pain, I hold it inside of me. I also know that violence isn’t the answer. 

Today, we are showing them something they don’t want to see! At 4:30, we are meeting in business/Sundays best attire and PEACEFULLY showing them we will not accept another murder of another innocent man. Let’s make a difference.





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