A Festival and Selahs artisan soaps

Hello family!

It’s Monday! Which means the start of a new week and more opportunity to prosper!! This weekend was very eventful for me from protests, to shopping, and even a fair. I am back today though to let you know about an awesome body scrub I got from the “Festival at the Park” event this past Saturday! 

First off, the festival was dope. Family friendly, lots of foods, and plenty of local vendors as well as some from out of state!

Immediately I noticed small ponies rides, carnival rides, and even a camel. There was also some acrogymnastics. I was kinda upset I didn’t have my daughter that day but it was fine, definitely next time!

I met up with two of my friends, Angie and Yoshi in the food area. My eyes were pulled to the fried Oreos and I couldn’t resist so me and Angie split 6. They were so good. I am on a healthy living plan, but it was beyond worth it! Anyways, after we walked it off around the pond to check out the art, vendors, and other tents.

About ten tents into the festival my attention was drawn to the “Selah Artisan Soaps” tent. After talking to the owner, Vivian, I learned she was local and her products were natural and handmade. I love body and skin care so her scrubs popped out. I smelled a variety. Gummy bear, chocolate mint, and lavender were some of the many scents. 

I chose the lavender and cedar scrub. It was perfect when I sampled it under the tent and perfect at home. Very affordable and soothing, I think this was a great purchase! (It was $4.95)

I had a long day and night Saturday so when I woke up Sunday I was ready to take a nice bath after my shower and relax. I ran some warm water, added some oils, and used one of my favorite lush bath bombs.  

The scrub was lovely. It was a little sudsy, and I knew it was natural because I could see the actual pieces of lavender. (Once again the smell was great!) I also liked the scrub because it wasn’t too harsh. It is a sugar scrub and light. It was also a moisturizer so it left my skin feeling so soft. I actually didn’t use a lotion right afterwards because I was so soft and smooth. Definitely a key if you care about those first impressions!

I would suggest if you are local in Charlotte, Nc or surrounding areas you try to pick some up. (Specifically she is located in Waxhaw). 

If not, please visit from http://www.selahsoaps.com and order some great products.

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