Happy Friday Family!!!
“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” 

  • Aristotle Onassis

I’m writing this today in hopes to reach inside of myself and pull out whatever has made me unmotivated to write. 
The issue I’m battling with is the fact that I want to write to you all, inform you about everything going on, the things that have been happening haven’t been happy and exciting occurrences.  

The past two weeks have really taken a toll on me mentally, emotionally and physically! I have also felt empowered as a human in taking a stand in something I strongly believe in. The protests going on in the city of Charlotte, my city where I grew up and live today have shown me that despite all of the ugliness and hatred around us my fellow peaceful protesters and I took a stand against and remained calm and full of peace even when the people around us and officers were trying so hard to break us! 

 On a lighter note face masks have been truly saving my skin these past weeks. I recently tried a cool warming exfoliating mask that my girl Kayla put me on to!  

You place it on clean dry skin and rub into your face in circular motions for two to four minutes based on your skin sensitivity. The exfoliates in the mask are very fine and feel wonderful on my face, after I washed it away it really made my face glow and look healthier. This mask came in handy after the very few hours of sleep I’ve been getting.  

My skin has been improving greatly since I have started to be more active and exercising three to four times a week, whether it be an intense cardio blast or simply taking a walk with my daughter to the park.  

My mind has been so focused on all of the things around me and I don’t want my blog to suffer. After writing though I am feeling so motivated that I stood with other peaceful humans and took on something so much bigger than us and succeeded! I am excited to be able to express this to all of you and spread words of encouragement despite negative circumstances. 
 In times like this we should be spreading love and positivity to our fellow man because at the end of the day we are all humans and bleed the same! Spread love today and spread on an exfoliating face mask to wash away dull skin and bring out the new! 


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