This week

A week of fitness and activity 

Finally it’s Sunday! The week is over and it’s time to start fresh all over again! I hope your week was as wonderful as mine and if not hopefully I can give you encouragement for you to progress into a better week!

First things first, in Charlotte (my birthplace and hometown) the protests have lessened. Don’t let the silence fool you. We must rise above! There are simple things we can do to make our own communities better including but not limited to educating ourselves and others about elections, staying healthy, uplifting each other, and shining a light of positivity in our own neighborhoods. 

This week I tried to do all of those things and incorporate a little fun as well! I am excited to tell you all that soon my home girl KSweets and I will be releasing our YouTube channel, Kurly Kweens, to encourage light minded thinking and show our journey towards an entirely better lifestyle!

Because of that, this week I have been exercising quite a bit and have found more energy to do activities. If I workout the same day I’m going out at night, the whole experience is better. Your mentally more aware, physically limber, it’s the best!

I’ve been staying loyal to using the L’Oréal clay masks three times a week to keep my skin fresh, but at night I use a DIY spot treatment for problems blemishes. The recipe calls for fresh lemon juice and cinnamon, but I’ll tell you guys about that in detail later. I’ve even had Brylie using masks this week! 
(Brylie in “Rosey Cheeks” from Lush)

Since the masks have kept my face so fresh I’ve even been wearing less makeup when I go out. This week I was a few places. Vlive in Atlanta was definitely poppin this Wednesday, I went to a few other clubs in Charlotte as well. Noca Uptown was definitely my move yesterday night. 

I got to Noca at about 11, ate some wings, smoked hookah, and vibed with Dj Ngenius. I headed to Trust for a bit after. Irene the Dream was there looking amazing as always with Mugsy hosting along side her. Trust has been lit lately and I heard it was packed as hell Friday night!!

Fall is my favorite time for activities so I can’t wait to flood you with more! Stayed tuned in for more activities, updates on the Kurly Kweens, and some great new skin care tips!

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