A3C music fest and conference

Hello hello! Like I told you all earlier I’m back, again, to let you know about why I’m here in Atlanta and what this A3C music festival and conference is all about!

It is an annual 4 day music festival and conference located in Atlanta, GA. Based upon hip hop culture, it’s a hub for all aspiring artists from song writer to manager. With artists performing like Rick Ross, Bone Thugs, and over 1,000 others, the concert half of the conference was nothing to miss!

There were also plenty of opportunities to gain knowledge from the best! There were many discussions held from Wednesday- Friday all ending with a brunch at Sweet Auburn Seafood on Saturday. Entrepreneurs like Zach Wolfe (photography), Master P (artist), and Wendy Day (Founder of Rap Coalition) were just a few of 300+ speakers in these seminars.

I saw fellow charlotean, King Carter, at the conference and he said it was very informative and full of knowledgeable people. Saying there were “many jewels from respectable and reputable” people in the industry. As a 10 year veteran, he learned many tactics he feels he will use to impact his artist’s, Baby Jesus, career.

Aside from all the awesome knowledge thrown around these past four days, it was also a great time to come check out independent artists from around the country! I was able to be in attendance at few venues this weekend, but I’ll let you know about the two that stood out the most. Harlem Nights and Warehouse on Auburn.

Thursday was Harlem Nights and Fleet Djs put together an awesome event hosted by Bigga Rankin, one of the best people out here to break your record. People came from all over the country and there was LOTS of talent. Of course, there was also a few people who didn’t need to quit their day job, but the experience over all was dope.

Que and Cool America were there, but out of all the artists who performed, only a few stood out, one of them being Da Baby a.k.a. Baby Jesus. With plenty competition, he stood out not only because of his lyricism, but also his ability to perform. He not only moved around the whole stage, but unlike every other artist, he went into the crowd. He put on an actual show as opposed to just rapping the lyrics to his hottest song. 

I also got to speak with a few people who came out to support him. The most memorable being what I would say must be some of his biggest fans. Two young men from Laurenburg, NC drove all the way to Atlanta just to be there for his part of the A3C involvement. I honestly thought that was dope as hell.

Friday night, there were performances at the club Warehouse at Auburn. Snootie Wild and Kirko Bangz were some of the artists who performed here. It was almost like a mini concert. Snootie Wild definitely went in and consumed the stage, performing many of his top hits.

In my opinion my favorite performance was by Tate Kobang though. Not just because of his turnt up personality and homie Shordie Shordie, but because of his ability to improv his show. After he performed his hit “Bank Rolls Remix”, he performed his newest song he made, “Chirp Chirp”, but with a twist.

The Dj didn’t have the song so he did it acapella! He literally performed the ENTIRE song like that. Being a performer takes the ability to work out of your comfort zone and he did just that. The crowd loved it AND it is what made him stand out the most amongst the rest. 
Overall, I thought that the entire A3C experience was beneficial! It brought artists together from around the country, even Canada, and educated every one involved. It’s an annual event I would encourage any artist to be a part of.

Thanks for tuning in again and for all of the support! Keep checking in for events and skincare and feel free to comment and let me know what you thought!
Until next time.


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