My first fashion show, an amazing experience!

Yesterday, I was able to attend an AMAZING Fashion Show! It was something I can only explain as moving. The “Masterpiece I Am My Own” Fashion Show touched me because it showed how much support there is for artists in Charlotte.

It was held at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and showcased 7 different clothing lines. Known Unknown was definitely there along with DOPE, Gold Bills, The Monopoly Clothing, VIBEZ, Yung, and Retrospekt Clothing. All of the clothing lines had something different to offer as well, so there was great variety!

Merritt Banks Jr. (@_mrhumble) hosted the show last night and was full of energy! After speaking with him I learned he was a senior there at UNCC as well as a huge contributor in the community! After finding that out, it made so much sense as to why he was such a good host, mostly because of how much he clearly loves his school.

All of the participating models walked with confidence, only making each piece look even better coming down the runway and it was impressive. At the end, everyone walked for one last time along with the designers themselves.

Lastly, there was a a performance directed by Jennifer Taylor, the lady who put the whole show together. It was a tribute to the issues we face today as a society in our communities and the Black Lives Matter movement.

As you guys know, if you follow me on any other social networks, it is a movement dear to my heart. With that being said, I thought the whole thing was SPECTACULAR!! Picture dancing, all black clothes, empowerment, and Beyoncé’s “Freedom”. The whole thing gave me life and had me standing up for an ovation, so big ups to Jennifer for standing for a cause!!

Once everything rapped up, I was able to speak to a few designers. One of them being Nile, the owner of DOPE clothing line and I can’t wait to get some of her stuff!

The other person I had the pleasure of speaking with was King Cooper. After having a conversation with him, I became a HUGE supporter. Funny thing actually, it was both of our first times at a fashion show.

I asked the king of Known Unknown what he thought of everything and he said he enjoyed the whole experience! His favorite part was the genuine gratitude of the participating models when he told them they could keep the clothes. He also felt touched by how many people came out to support.

The fact that he goes by “King Cooper” intrigued me to ask more, considering the fact that I consider myself a Queen. He told me a little about his brand saying, “everyone is a KnownUnknown, whether they’re famous and people really don’t know what they went through to get to where they are; or they aren’t so popular, yet at the same time they are still known”. To me, that’s an extremely relevant meaning behind the name, everyone can relate. The meaning behind the crown was way more simple, yet meaningful, we are all kings and queens on the inside!

Bottom line you guys, if you weren’t there yesterday you missed out! Hopefully that won’t be the last show either. It would be great to see them come back to do quarterly shows. I know this is definitely not the last I’ll go to.

Tomorrow, I’ll be letting you all know of a new avocado face mask I used today, as well as some meal prep that I finished up! Thanks again for checking in! Talk to you tomorrow.


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