King Carter Live Performance (UNCC Homecoming)

Good day you guys! I’ll tell you one thing, between all the new books I’m reading, the meal prepping, activities, and just regular life it seems I’m always on the move. (That’s actually why I’m falling in love with the meal prepping I’ve been doing!) That’s beside the point though.

I’m writing to you today to let you know about a cool, new DIY face mask and some dope things happening in the city this week! It’s Thursday, so the weekend is around the corner and just like me, I know you all are excited as well!! With all of the excitement for this weekend, I figured I would write about some great options with a little variety. It’s UNCC homecoming week so you know it’s about to be poppin’!

First things first, I have to let you guys know about tonight’s event! It’s perfect if you support local artists, love a good drink, and enjoy a perfectly crisp wing….. LUST. Lust is a strip club located at 124 Atando Ave. Tonight they have 25 cent wings before 11:30 and it’s free before 10 so early arrival is suggested.

The special part about tonight is that King Carter, local rapper in charlotte, is performing live for his last time. Okay guys that was dramatic, but really it will be his last for a while. When I asked Carter today about why he is slowing down in that avenue he gave me two reasons, executive moves and Baby Jesus. Don’t worry, if you need to know more, tomorrow I will post a detailed article about the performance and a little more about the artist.

As far as Friday goes, there are definitely a few options. From 4p-8p (on the north side of Charlotte) there will be a day party at 360 lounge. Live entertainment will be there with Dj Bmillz and Dj Nolo as well as a performance by UNCC Alumni, Shank. It’s a $2 party meaning basically everything is only two bucks!!! $2 entry, mixed drinks, shots, and beers with $5 fish or wing plates! Parking is also free so arrive early because it’s definitely a party you can’t miss.
(Idk this is just a dope pic of Koke)
Later on in the night there are two different events! Since it’s UNCC homecoming I’m excited to tell you Trust will be having college night so EVERYBODY is 18+!!! Hosted by Koke the Ken Doll and with Dj Nolo and Dj Jayy Hawk on the tables, you already know this college party will be lit as hell. It’s $5 entry with a college ID and there will also be drink specials, so make sure you arrive early. I keep telling you guys come early, but when you see the way these lines get packed at 10pm, you’ll understand!

For all my grown and sexy 21+ crowd, I have something for you as well. Club One will be open from 10-2 Friday night. Located in the music factory, it’s not far off from downtown either. All levels will be open and three bars fully stocked! Dj Ngenius will also be there along with Dj Dexter Dynamite getting the mood right and there are available tables. In general Club One is a classy, fun spot to hang so if you’re 21 or better, I’ll see you there!

Afterwards, don’t forget to hit up 7th district either! Free entry and free parking are available here, they are open 2-4, and their food is AMAZING. I think it’s safe to assume it’ll be 21+ there, but since they won’t be selling drinks, they may let the 18+ crowd in. If you went to Trust, 7th district is walking distance (1 block down) so you may as well test it out.

Saturday, I honestly don’t care about going out, but I heard Label will be poppin’ with Dj Ngenius and again on Sunday with Fresh Dot and Sport E Odie! I’m gonna be preparing for a productive week a little early and chilling with my daughter, but I suggest EVERYONE to go see the new Nat Turner movie, “The Birth of a Nation” as well. I will say no more than, SHEEESSSHHHHHHH. It wakes you up and affirms the truth we already knew.

Anyways that’s it for this weekend! I know I told you I was letting you know about the face mask, but check out my next post! This one was too long for all that. Where are you guys going this weekend and what do you want to read about next?! Let me know in the comments below!

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