Great DIY honey mask

Greetings family!

Im writing to you from Atlanta! I came here yesterday for a little fun and it’s starting to grow on me like a second home. I’ve been here three times in three weeks!!! (That’s crazy, lol)

 I know a few days ago I told you about a new face mask, so I come to you with an all natural face mask that you can create at home with ingredients you most likely have in the house already!  

The first one I made was with plain Greek yogurt, organic honey, cinnamon. This mask helps to brighten up dull, tired skin. The yogurt helps heal blemishes with the probiotics and honey is a natural anti-microbial and a wonderful hydrator!     

When I was putting the mask on my face began to tingle and have a warming sensation. This was really neat and I knew it was working and doing wonders for my skin. I left the mask on for ten minutes, but if you have more sensitive skin leave it for 5-7 minutes.  

I washed it off with warm water and was so pleased with the results, my skin looked significantly brighter and my face looked so clear! The cinnamon worked as an exfoliant and if you know me, you know I love that! Just remember not to over do it!

 This mask felt so luxurious and smelled really yummy too, you may struggle not to eat it! I am definitely going to incorporate this mask into my skincare routine when I feel like my skin is lacking that JLo glow. Once a week will do the trick with this one!
Sorry for the lack of pics, I forgot to take them like a the crazy woman that I am haha! Thanks for checking in and let me know how you like it!


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