This weekend and something a little NEW

What’s up you guys?!?Did you all get a chance to try out any of the DIY face masks or the DIY banana conditioner? If not go check it out!

It’s Thursday and I have a few things going on this week. What I am most excited about is my friend Deondra’s 25th birthday party THIS FRIDAY. It’s at Club Tropix and masquerade themed so a mask is required. Doors open at 10pm and it’ll definitely be the move for me on Friday!!There will be live entertainment by 2 Lettaz OZ, Yung Murda, J Smooth, and DJ Sleaze on the turn tables. Tickets are $10 after 11pm and we rockin’ till 2am! I’ll see you there I hope!

Before her party on Friday, I’ll be in Spirit Square though for the artist, Neer Perfect’s live show. It all starts at 7:30pm and lasts until 10:30pm, and like I said it’s in Spirit Square (345 N. College St.) so it is an outdoor event AND absolutely free! If you were at her last show, you already know she is dope with her painting skills and there will be all new pieces in this show, so come out and support an artist who is really out here doing her thing!

Also, Saturday, Caked Apparel will be hosting her weekly “sip n shop” event at her store (3201 Beaties Ford). They have clothes for men and women, so everyone should come out, and they are doing free mimosas! I like shopping and sipping for free and I really love her women’s apparel! (Side Note: She is a talented woman and can style you for your events as well)

That’s just a quick few options for this weekend in case you’re looking to switch it up, but you already know I can send y’all straight to all the other poppin’ events in your city! Just hit me up on here, or any social network and let me know what’s on your mind!

Thanks, like always, for supporting me you guys! That’s straight love, so feel free to comment as well and let me know what you think or any question you may have! I got my camera up and going so expect better pictures in the future too!

I’ll also be starting vlogs to accompany some of my posts and give you a behind the scenes look at my life from blogging to modeling to honestly whatever you might imagine. I’m just trying out new things that I love, so let me know what you enjoy.

***Light Minded Living Focus:
[Each blog post will now include a “Light Minded Living Focus”, a tip/topic/thought that encourages the flow of positive, progressive energy. Enjoy]

Fear. It’s a vice and a bind, something we should remove from our lives. Like some say, you can’t have faith and fear; meaning, you can’t believe something will happen and at the same time you are scared it won’t.

STOP. BREATHE. and realize that it is POSSIBLE. You must be fearless in your efforts to succeed!

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