Banana Conditioner

Hey I’m back today with something a little different than usual! Normally when I give you a DIY recipe, it’s for a face mask. Today, I’m serving you something fresh, DIY conditioner.

The recipe is super basic and the only things you need are a banana, honey, and coconut oil. I actually used a little a little extra coconut oil to combat my often frizzy hair. My hair is curly, I suggest everyone to keep their hair type in mind when creating this conditioner. Also, I used an old, browned banana and saved my delicious yellows; don’t be hesitant to put those old ones to use!

Blending everything takes about 45-60 seconds and after pulling everything out the cabinet, the recipe took about five minutes total to make. The consistency should be that of your average conditioner, smooth and free of any banana chunks.

Before applying my fresh conditioner I dampened my hair, rung out the extra water, and then generously applied it. After I massaged it into my hair and scalp, I wrapped my head with plastic wrap (I didn’t have a plastic cap). Since the original instructions called for me to leave it on for 30 minutes, I also put on one of my favorite face masks with cinnamon!

(Tip: put a towel around your neck in case it gets drippy!)

Tick, tock, and the minutes flew by while I was watching tv with my daughter, Brylie. I walked upstairs, bent my head into the tub and washed it out. When I originally looked at the instructions, it called for me too shampoo afterwards, but since I don’t shampoo my hair I jut used my co-wash for Cantú. (I go through a lot for my curls and will give you more about my regimen soon)

I always keep it real, so it’s time for an honest review. Let me start by saying, I see the potential in this conditioner. It smells good (add a few drops of essential oil if you don’t agree), feels good, and doesn’t leave a residue. Another reason to love it is the fact that it is so cheap to make and you can make it with the quickness at home with ingredients you already have!

Now although everything I said is true, I did not like the conditioner. The reason why I did not is because for me, it didn’t soften my hair. I can see this conditioner working GREAT with straight or even wavy hair though. My hair is just too thick and curly for this conditioner. I need something more thick, but don’t knock it till you try it. Next time, I might use the same recipe and add avacado!

Since it is so cost efficient, I would suggest everyone (male/female, straight/curly) should try this easy and quick recipe! I will be on the hunt for a thicker one next time, but until then thanks for reading and comment below with your thoughts and hair type!!

Light Minded Living Focus

No matter what your enemies will try to attack you. They will try to beat you down to hinder your success. Do not let this bear down on your soul. Crouch low and stay to yourself, focusing only on your success.

Doing this, you will grow in strength and resilience. They will eventually come to attack , unaware that you have grown so much that it is them who is now surrounded and better yet, on your turf.

You have now won!

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