Going natural: a new lasting trend

It’s 2016 and everything is going natural. Organic eating, natural makeup, and even neutral color patterns. Another thing trending, all natural hair. 

People are putting down their flat irons, cutting their hair, and even taking out their weave. It’s time to be ourselves again in a generation where everyone wants to be like the rest. So how is everyone mustering the courage to be bold and how are they transforming their hair?

First and foremost, celebrities everywhere are standing up for the natural cause. Gabriel Union, Zendaya, and even Queen Oprah are letting loose their gorgeous tresses and leaving their old chemical lifestyle behind! 

So by now you are probably wondering, how can I do it? If I’ve been dying my hair for years, how can I repair all of this damage? Well there is no fool-proof, step-by-step method of changing those dry locks to smooth spirals, but I can lend a few tips!

First things first, stop dying, straightening, and perming/relaxing your hair. Whoever told you that your natural hair wasn’t beautiful was absolutely wrong! It will be a long journey but I’ve been on this journey for a year and I am loving the change I’ve seen in the overall health of my hair.

You have to begin by making a simple commitment, stop using heat and chemicals on your hair. Some people even make the bold move to chop off most of their hair, if you aren’t that courageous, I suggest a trim. 

Invest in some vitamins as well. You can take multivitamins, but they also have many vitamins catering to hair growth and health specifically. You will even notice a transformation in nail strength and growth, as well as clearer skin. So if you deal with acne issues, dry skin, or damaged nails, you’re winking when you go natural! 

Satin night caps, using t-shirts instead of towels, coconut oil, and paraban/sulfate-free products are all popular ways to turn your hair around. Some great products to try are Cantu, Shea Moisture. And Carol’s Daughter. They all have products ranging from hair masks to co-wash, leaving your hair soft and redefined. 

It takes a lot of hard work and while you are easing into the process, nothing is wrong with wearing protective styles like weave or braids. Just give the heat and dye a break and you will see a difference in months! Just imagine what your hair will look like in a few years!

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