“Dollar & and a Dream” : What Charlotte is Missing

Yesterday night, a creative cauldron of people came together again for the “Dollar and a Dream” music showcase. It was full of cool vibes, good music, and lots of talent. Dj C Dubb was there keeping the mood lit in between each performance along side hosts, Koke the Ken Doll and Teris Unscripted!
(Koke the Ken Doll and I)

Headed by Autry, a student at UNCC majoring in Public Relations, the “Dollar and a Dream” showcase first started September 28th at LaRevolución in the Music Factory located in Charlotte, North Carolina. His mission? To deliver a platform that artists can use to showcase their music, enhance performance skills and , in the words of Autry, “creatively flourish”.

Each month they donate all of their proceeds to a foundation. Last month’s proceeds went to the ALS Foundation for September’s awareness month. October is breast cancer awareness as well as the domestic violence awareness month, so both the foundations Susan G.Komen and the Steve Smith Family Foundation were represented.

There were many breast cancer awareness brochures available and speaker Little John from the Steve Smith Family Foundation spoke on DV and some of the events they are involved in.  They started in 2013 and have a bowling event every February called “strikeout domestic violence” and a 5k run each year for Memorial Day. Donations were also accepted for both causes as well! The fact that this event also is positive for the community is a huge plus for me! (This issue touches me personally and if you’re like me and want more info check out my list below!)

(Prude CEO @lowercasegee)
(Twitter: @prestigekellz)

There were also local vendors represented last night. From clothing to some sauces shades. Prude, AirTrafik, and 23-twenty four were there to name a few. I stopped by all three of their booths and got a little info on all of their brands. The personal stories from each vendor were ranging from funny to touching, my favorite being from the CEO of Prude clothing. (I’m sure you can guess why!)
(Queen Naj and Autry)

(Taris Unscripted and I)

As for the main event, Autry linked up with hosts Taris Unscripted and Mr. Damn Near Perfect a.k.a. Koke the Ken Doll, as well as event coordinator Queen Naj to make this “Dollar and a Dream” come true. Artists from Cali to New York and even, my hometown, Charlotte were all in the building. This event was the perfect time not only to showcase one’s skills, but also network with other people who are involved in equal craft. From photographers to bloggers and producers to videographers, I definitely linked with some dope people!
(Yung Bizzle and I)

A few specific artists stood out to me that I thought were worth a mention. Rapper Diz from California started off the performance with some hit songs and it was no question that he has been rapping since sixteen. Luke L.A.M.E. Came out to represent Raleigh. His name stood out to me, so after his performance I stopped to ask, “why do you go by lame?”. He spelled it out for me, literally. L=Living     A=All    M=My     E=Expectations. That’s dope! Zoetana came out to rep the Charlotte area along with 40 lifestyle and YB a.k.a.Yung Bizzle and they all showed out. YB is definitely one of my favorite Charlotte based rappers.

(Zoetana Performance)

The whole event was art in itself. “Dollar and a Dream” music showcase is something Charlotte needs. In a city that I feel often lacks support, this event offers respect and love for all artists, of all kinds. I will most definitely be back next month. As a young artist myself, I have no choice but to be a part of such an opportunistic and artistic event!

Wondering when the next “Dollar and a Dream” event is? Check in through the coming weeks for more info!

For artist or vendor submissions email: saylessautry@gmail.com

Founder(Autry): @noquestionsasked

Event Coordinador: @NajeeJalice

Host: @TarisUnscripted
Host: @kokethekendoll
Performing Artists :









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