Dj Luke Nasty @ Trust

First of all, happy Sunday to all of my viewers! It is a great day to be alive and an even better day to turn up on your life and be passionate in all your efforts. 

This is my favorite time of year. Fall brings leg warmers, fur coats, and boots; all my best-loved clothes for the dropping temperature. Along with fashion, Fall reminds me of the all festivities during holiday season. I don’t just mean with family, but nightlife as well. Starting last week, we will be seeing many more celebrity performances and hosts until the new year.

Last weekend, it just so happened to be JCSU homecoming and the week of Halloween, so there were celebrities at the club every night. Young M.A., Lil Boosie, and Lucci were all in Charlotte. Jacquees was also at Trust on Thursday this past week. Everyone came out to support him along with local artists Akevius, 5 ghost, and JxHines.

(Me and 5 Ghost @_5ghost)

Speaking of Trust, they’ve had a lot of celebrities come through in the past three months that they’ve been open. Dreezy, 21 savage, and Jay Way Sosa are just a few others that they’ve had in the building. They have really been bringing in the talent even when it comes to DJs as well. Dj Trap, Dj Ngenius, and Dj Mood the Kid have all been featured DJs, and of course Dj Jayy Hawk from Streetz 103.3 is a resident DJ at Trust.

(Koke the Ken Doll, Me, and Dj Ngenius)

(Dj Mood the Kid)
Yesterday night got really crazy though, when Trust linked with Driven Automotive to bring Dj Luke Nasty out to perform and with Mel Silas as the opening performance, there was really no way this event wouldn’t be lit. The event was hosted by Mugsy, Tc Ingram, Koke the Ken Doll, and myself with D Renee from Streetz. 103.3 broadcasting live! 
(Dj Jayy Hawk and D Renee from Streetz 103.3)

(Me, Joe Blow, and D Renee)

I got to kick it with Joe Blow upstairs for a bit and ran into the Nappy Chef in VIP. He was catering the event and all the wings were complimentary. You guys know how much I love his food and his wings are definitely one of my favorites! I also ran into a few other young executives including music artist, Teddy Doja.
(Teddy Doja and Me)
Mel’s performance was great! He is a natural performer and dancer as well. He definitely got the crowd ready for Luke Nasty. Once Dj Luke Nasty came in we all poured up some shots and he performed four of his hit songs, like “On the Way”. Afterwards everyone vibed for a while longer and then hit cameo to party afterwards. 
(Me and Dj Luke Nasty)

Bottom line, Trust was lit last night. I love Trust not only because of their swing chairs on the lower floor, but the overall environment is great. Three levels, Three different vibes. Also, after reflecting on the past few months, Trust has really proven to be a hot spot to see some of the hottest music artists right now!

Let me know what you guys thought of the event of you were there! Also, if you like my outfit, starting Monday I will have a 10% off discount code for all CakedApparel items!! 

Check in next time!


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