CRAFT: a much needed addition to the art scene

We are halfway through November and it seems to be the time for more intimate activities. The trees have turned, the air is crisp, and the colors of the season are inspiring. We are experiencing colder nights that call for delicious, warm vibes and artistic evenings,  and I have been looking for some new things to do that feed my soul and mind. I need something that inspires me to write, deeper than on the surface inspiration, and an activity I enjoy partaking in. Lesa Tyson is bringing us young entrepreneurs just that, delivering a creative mash of artists and supporters in one room.


Recently, young artists and business owners came together for another well needed affair, CRAFT. It was started three months ago by Lesa Tyson as a platform for entrepreneurs, and their supporters, to display their passions and talents. Music was by Dj Micki Blendz and the art on display was amazing. Artists of many kind were represented in this event. There was spoken word, local vendors, as well as a live performance by Sir Abstraxxx and III, winner of BET’s “One Shot”.


III said he enjoyed the event because of it’s vibe and the artistic environment. CRAFT was filled with fashion, art, and great music. III performed three songs, of course, “Payback”, “International Wine”, and “Feelin’ on”. I love the song “Pay Back”, but “International Wine” is my favorite right now. III is a true entertainer lyrically and performance wise, so he received a great response from the crowd as always. He also said he enjoyed being around other creative minds, seeing what art and talents they had to bring to the table as well, which is why I really enjoy his music, I know it’s real. In case you haven’t heard his new music, check it out on his Sound Cloud ( III ).



Even the food was creative! Catered by a local food truck, Street Spice, Lesa really stayed true to the cause behind her event. As all of you know, I love to indulge in an amazing meal, so when I noticed their truck outside I immediately got excited. I had heard of Street Spice already from Jewles Official’s podcast the UP &UP and thought the food sounded delectable just over the sound waves, so needless to say my mouth was already watering just thinking about it! Their menu for CRAFT included sliders, small plates, and a desert option.


They had 2 sliders, one chicken and one steak. Me and my home girl shared the plate having two sliders for only $8, a pretty good deal, and they were big and filling! Their Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Slider was amazing. It had so much flavor and the pineapple salsa was perfect. The other was a Brazilian Churrasco Steak Slider with chimichurri sauce and a crispy plantain. Gouda Mac and Cheese was also on the menu, along with an arugula salad and pumpkin wantons, and it ALL looked delicious! If you ever see this food truck, you must try something, trust me!



There were many vendors with clothing and jewelry also, giving this event another big check beside it. CRAFT proved itself to be a platform of promotion that I know many entrepreneurs appreciated. It started September 21 of this year and from what it looks like Lesa has no intent on stopping now. Every month since Craft has been going on and with December around the corner, it is only time for us to prepare for what is next. It all goes down at KANVAS off of 6th and caldwell and next month it is on again. Make sure you mark it in your calendar and stop by on the 21st, RSVP is free or it’s only $5 at the door!


Thanks for checking in again! Remember to always shoot for the top and put in the best work possible, success is around the corner! Tune in later this week for more on what’s going on in your city!




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