Rich Homie Quan and Safaree

Once again Charlotte has given us a crazy weekend. With so much that happened I couldn’t personally keep up with it ALL. Trust and believe that I can give you the run down on all of it though!

Friday, of course there were plenty of options, and it’s true many were lit; but the REAL party, the grown folk party, the goin’ live on em party, was at Trust. Of course if you were tuned into the radio, you already knew. Streetz 103.3’s own Mario the Mic Man hosted live at Trust bar and lounge from 10-12a. Dj Jayy Hawk was also in the building that night.

Now, if we are keeping it all the way 100, Jayy Hawk is one of my favorite DJs in the Charlotte area. He is always playing the hits, sometimes putting me on a new wave, and he has all the good throwbacks. Putting him and Mario together is a problem. They always turn the club up and Friday was no different. Next week slide through Trust on Thursday to celebrate Jayy Hawk’s birthday!

Saturday, a.k.a. Yesterday (in case your weekend was so lit you don’t know what day you’re on), was actually the craziest night this weekend may have had to offer. Rich Homie Quan was in Charlotte for a free concert. Miller Lite brought him out and threw another epic kickback. Although it was cold, it was a movie! Free entry, miller lite, and all of Rich Homie’s top hits!

(Straight from snap, its was lit at the kickback)



After, I was at Trust. I was so starving from a long day and all I could think about was the food from the Nappy Chef. He had jerk chicken, rice, cabbage, and his famous jerk mac n cheese! Man, if you guys no me you know I am not a just a fan of his food. I am an addict! He has a spot off of N. Tryon, Spice bar and lounge. It’s THE SPOT to be if you like to eat, and don’t we all?!

(Nappy Chef and Safaree)

Dj Jayy Hawk was in the building along with Myself, Jraa, and Mugsy as hosts. Also, JxHines came out and put on a hell of an amazing performance. If you aren’t new to my blog, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about him! I am definitely a huge fan of his music! I am not sure all the avenues to find his music, but I have his music on my soundcloud. All the ladies loved him and went crazy when he started to sing. He is definitely one of the hottest artists in Charlotte right now.

(Jewles, me, and JxHines)

I ran into Jewles Official too. He slid through with JxHines as his hype man, but that is what is dope about him, his support of others, his community, AND his personal grind! He is out here moving!!

(Jewles Official)

He recently started a new podcast called “The Up & Up”, a hip hop based station where he interviews artists and business owners, as well as athletes to discuss new business ventures and accomplishments. Jewles leaves no questions unasked and isn’t afraid of getting down to what we really want to know. His podcast is uncut and real! Don’t let me forget to mention, the music choice is on point too. So, whether you’re there to hear what an up and coming artist has to say or hear some GREAT music, Jewles Official keeps you entertained every Thursday through Saturday at 9pm on SoundCloud.

(Me AND Safaree)

Oh, don’t let me forget the celebrity host, Safaree. Most people know him as Nicki Minaj’s ex, but he has more going on than being in the shadows of one of the best female rappers out here. He is a cast member of the newest season of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” and he also has his own record label, Stunt Gang. He has a couple turnt up songs as well. At Trust he performed his song “Wait a minute” and receive a great response from the crowd. After his performance everyone participated in a mannequin challenge where he held a woman over his head and froze. He definitely brought good energy into the building!
(Chicken and Waffles)

After Trust, while everyone headed to Cameo for another Rich Homie experience, I headed to 7th District. I love this place! Great food, smooth hookah, and amazing music! I ordered salmon and grits along with chicken and waffles. I know, I know that’s a lot, but I shared the plates! The chicken was seasoned to perfection and the waffle was red velvet with citrus cream cheese syrup. SHEESH!

Last night Jeremiah and PND were in town for a concert and Label went up as always! Every week there is something new going on in Charlotte. Enjoy your week and check in Wednesday for next weekends updates!


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