Paint and Play: enjoy a relaxing night of inspiration

Heyyyy! How is everyone’s Wednesday treating them? Mine is a little cool, but I honestly can’t complain, it’s basically December and still nice enough for a light jacket. Anyways, I am not here to have small talk about weather. I am checking in today to let you guys know of another mixer for all artistic souls. I had the pleasure of attending something @Industry on last Friday that really saturated my creative spirit. The event is called Paint & Play and its was nothing short of inspiring.


Created by Michael Calloway, Paint & Play was made as a response to the QC Urban Art Showcase. Michael felt there was an urgency to provide a platform for multiple genres of art, including spoken word and live music. Let me tell you, the spoken word was definitely my favorite part. 36 shawty (@36shawty), Fannie (@runwayeffect30), Jax Abstracts (@jax_abstracts), and Dion Williamson are a few of the poets who participated. I think the best part of spoken word is how it makes you feel. You get an opportunity to be inside of someone else’s mind and feel how similar we all really are. We as people have way more in common than most of us believe and its easily proven through poetry.


There were also other vendors as well. From artists, poets, and even a black owned credit repair agency. Most painters created live paintings along with their display of previously completed pieces. There were about five painters represented, all with different styles, and a reason to love them all. Rocio Llusca (@rocio.llusca), Jax (@jax_abstracts), Brandon (@Brandondudleystudio), and Chavi  (@conversation_p.e.a.c.e.) were a few of the artists in the building.

Jax, one of the spoken word artists, also had a booth for his abstract art. He owns a business that specializes in portable and non-portable decorative art as well as interior design. I asked him for a little more info on what he does and he explained that he creates and installs wall art and murals (non-portable art) which to me was inspiring. Another person turning their passions to profession, the only way to live, blissfully.

(Jax and me)(Jax’s live painting)

Another two vendors that stood out were artist Chavi and poet Precious Pauling. Chavi caught my attention before I even saw her. The artwork she displayed had deep roots only to be explained as cultured and woke. The main piece that caught my attention was the ankh she was working on and it was extremely cool to watch it transform from simple to complex. She also had shirts and bracelets for sale that read ” Melanated Majik. Stay Woke. Independent Thinker.” and I totally bought two bracelets to support!

(Chavi @conversation_p.e.a.c.e.)

I also got to meet spoken word artist, Precious Pauling who has been a poet since the age of 14! She feels like poetry is what keeps her rooted and has recently started a movement called “I am enough”. With a hashtag (#NoMoreExcuses) and an Instagram account (@IChooseMeMovement) it has hit the social media market and she hopes to use the platform as a way to encourage women that, indeed, they are enough. Her motto is: ” I pledge to embrace who I am today, love who I was yesterday, and inspire who I will become tomorrow”, a strong statement to live by. She was such a motivated woman and it was so inspiring!


If you think that all sounds great, there is more! Amazing drink specials like $5 Hennessy, $1 jello shots, and more were available, as well as jerk chicken plates. Surprisingly enough, I did not eat or drink, but I was there for only one reason, to get the scoop for you!

Speaking of that, I have collaborated with Divergent Films for awesome behind the scenes footage. You can catch the video footage from Paint and Play on Sunday of this week! Also, check out my first video and interview EVER on my you tube channel! Just type in Queen Lo into the search bar and my channel will pop up! Thanks for all your support!!!



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