Guwii Kidz and the “Birth of a New Nation” tour.

Wassup you guys! This weekend I had a lot in store which means way more content and this week is filling up with many more great events! I have also started a YouTube channel so you can stay Link’d into all of the events and behind the scene interviews. Big shoutout to Divergent Films for helping to make it happen!

Speaking of interviews, last night I pulled up to for an something exclusive with Jersey’s own, Guwii Kidz. The group consists of two artists, Mitch (@kingguwii) and 23 (@bally023), both from Patterson, NJ. RGF Production artists, Mitch and 23, consider themselves to be individuals, but together their music is fire! They are also affiliated with Fetty Wap and 1738, proved by their two songs featuring the fellow Jersey artist, “In the kitchen” and “With my bros”.

Straight from performing in Raleigh, the Guwii Kidz came to Charlotte. They stopped at Audio Box Studio to put in some work, in the meantime, before heading to Atlanta the following day for their next show. Mitch and 23 are on the “Birth of a New Nation” tour right now; along with Dae Dae, PNB Rock, Shy Glizzy, and London On the Track also made a special appearance. Bottom line though, the Guwii Kidz see no sign of a break ahead. According to Mitch, soon they are dropping an album and multiple videos to go along with it. All that combined with being on tour, their schedule is looking pretty packed!

It was dope to have a chance to see them in action at the studio. When we walked in the vibes were laid back, the room was smokey, and 23 offered us some Guwii Kidz shirts. Of course we accepted! Once they got comfortable, 23 dropped a fire hook and Mitch came in after to wrap it up before we started our interview. They both brought great energy to the booth, feeding off of each other and producing a hit! I can’t wait to hear it once it’s mastered, because I am picky with my music and this song definitely got stuck in my head. Who ever makes their beats are talented as well.

Once we wrapped up the video, we went our separate ways with plans to link up in Atlanta. We were already headed to the A for Dae Dae’s performance at Museum Bar, so it only made sense to stop by the concert as well. The concert was in Midtown at Vinyl and lasted until about 12:30. It was hosted by Streetz 94.5’s own, BT, who knew how to read the crowd like crazy. We also linked with him Museum Bar later on in the night the Dae Dae event. (Wednesday he will be hosting at Suite in Charlotte, NC, so if you haven’t been to one of his events, here’s your chance. Mark your calendars!)

(Dae Dae and London on the Track)

Like I said before, multiple artists were on this tour, yet the Guwii Kidz managed to stand out to me as some of the top artists in the building. On stage, they brought the trap music with a rock star vibe. 23 was lit with the dance moves and you could tell Mitch was a natural performer. Of course, they performed their hit single “In the kitchen” along with a few other poppin’ songs. Their whole energy took over the stage, causing them to stand out from the rest. Their team they stick with didn’t hurt either, contributing to getting the crowd hype as well. 

After the show, they headed to Patch Werk Studio to continue making more music. They went for another four hour session and as guests on, Atlanta based podcast, “What are we talking about”. As they put in work, I went to Museum Bar to put in a little more of my own. Artists like these are the ones I love to cover. Hard work always pays off and I love working with other like minded people!

(BT and me at Museum)

Museum Bar was definitely LIT. The venue is an old church, hints the name, “Museum.” It was packed out which showed me how much love Dae Dae receives in Atlanta. It’s sometimes hard to find support in your own city and DOPE when an artist receives it. Divergent Films and I got in, recorded some footage, networked, and headed back to Patch Werk to wrap up one last and final interview. At this point it was 4am and I don’t think anyone got good sleep, if any at all. 

(Me at Patch Werk Studio)

I wrapped the interview up quick headed to the room to get to work on what we have coming up next. I can’t wait to drop this video for you guys. The crazy thing is how much more there is to come! See you all Wednesday at Suite in the Epicenter (Charlotte, NC). The rest of 2016 is about to be a situation!!!!

Stay tuned into my blog’s Instagram so you can check out that interview and don’t forget to check in here for updates as well. Expect another article tomorrow, there is some special behind the scenes stuff I will need to share with you from later today! Thanks for the support.


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