Zay Hilifigerrr’s LIVE PERFORMANCE

Wassup fam! First of all, I must start by giving thanks for all the blessings I have received as of late. I have found that, lately, I am extremely happy. Today, I encourage all of my readers to push themselves to find their happy place, even when faced with what may seem to be an impossible situation! Things will come your way when you open some space for them.

Anyways, speaking of awesome situations, last night I got an opportunity to interview one of the hottest artists not only in urban music, but someone who has hit the top 40 pop  charts as well; Zay Hilfigerrr! Only 16, Zay has hit the fast track to stardom along with friend, Zayion McCall. They have doing the JuJu since 2014, but their song TZ Anthem, a.k.a. JuJu on that beat, was just released late September. In only less than three months, their dance has gone viral and their video, released late November, has reached over 40 million views!

Check the interveiw out below!


These young men have made it into the public eye so much so that they have also made appearances on the Ellen Show and Live Kelly. I watched both episodes with my favorite being Ellen’s Halloween segment. They came out dancing with a lot of kids in their costumes bringing with them their own high energy dance skills. It was extremely dope to see such talent in the younger generation.

Their fan base is large, expanding past the common Hip Hop genres and pouring into mainstream music. Needless to say, with that kind of support from the public, success will not be hard to come by. I just wonder if they could have ever imagined how quickly this song would gain momentum or even how popular their dance would become. There are people dancing to their song not only in the U.S., but in other countries as well! It is crazy when you think of an artist reaching global status on their first popular song.


Divergent Films and I linked with one half of the dance duo, Zay Hilifigerrr for an interview before we headed to Suite. He came with his mother and manager straight off the road from Atlanta. I did a lot of research before meeting him so I knew the basics, but what surprised me most was how humble he was. I can’t speak for every one, but I wouldn’t think that a 16 year old with 40 million views would be so down to earth. I have definitely met grown celebs with an ego so large it takes over the whole room.

He let us know of his newly released song “Do My Dance.” You can find the song and dance video on his YouTube channel (just search Zay Hilfigerrr). We chopped it up about what else he has in store for his fans as well as where he has been so far. I also learned he edits quite a few of his videos. He is a very smart young man and I can’t wait for you all to get to know him as well!  I would give you guys the details, but I need you to check out the video instead! It will be dropping tomorrow at noon, so make sure you check it out on YouTube. Just search my YouTube channel Queen Lo.

After the interview, we all headed to Suite with BT from the Atlanta based radio station, Streetz 94.5. At first I was honestly skeptical about how poppin’ the event would be. Oak room had Young Joc and we all know that Club One has been picking up in popularity, but it was the complete opposite. Suite was LIT. It was 18+ and the crowd was extremely responsive. The DJ had me turning up all night with some great throwbacks that had me reminiscing on my middle school/high school dance days.


Aside from great music, BT proved himself to be one of the best promoters I have witnessed in the club scene. Like I said in my last post, he reads the crowd well. The ladies couldn’t get enough of him and the energy was that of a concert! When Zay hit the stage the mood only continued to rise. He performed one of his newer songs before hitting the JuJu with everybody. He even had me dancing in the corner with my girl Ayeeedubb.

Overall, I commend Zay for his amazing work ethic and his genuine talent, not only as a rapper, but a dancer and artist as well. Make sure you follow him on IG to keep up with every thing he has going on @ZayHilfigerrr. You can follow BT @youknowBT and of course check out Divergent Film’s YouTube and IG for some dope visuals @DivergentFilms_ or just search his channel, Divergent Films, of course!



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