“Nothing is Promised”:Brooklyn’s Best [Independent Artists]

Hello family!

As some of you know I just came back from New York and of course I have a brand new event I want to rave about. While I was here I went to Jamaica to get my nails done, shopped in Manhattan, and visited my best friend in Brooklyn! In short, I had a blast!

Before heading back to my hotel in Queens I made a final stop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Located in a predominately residential area, Brooklyn Exposure, is a two story lounge which serves hookah, food, and great drinks! It was an environment full of creativity and good vibes. Something genuine that you can not take for granted. Another thing I noticed was the support of each artist from the audience and other participants. There was plenty of interaction from everyone, completely lacking any dull moments.

A big part of that success also came from DJ Wong Tunes who is also a performer and artist himself. You can find him @WongTunes on Instagram, YouTube, Sound Cloud, Twitter, and Facebook. He kept the mood right all night! Go check him out.

(DJ Wong Tunes)

This event, “Nothing is Promised,” was powered by Mor Bookings (@Mor.Bookings) and 2G Music Group, two companies whose grind is on ten. I was able to have a sit down with both CEOs, Scott (@LifeOfSMorris) and Rich Ryan (@RichRyan_2g), and learn of some more upcoming events. I also met with the event manager, Aglaelle (@_swaggi3).

(Me and Madame Bullet)

The host for the evening was Madame Bullet (@Madame_Bullet). She’s a Puerto Rican comedian and event specialist who also hosts her own radio show in New York. She showed mad love to every artist who performed bringing her high energy into the event. We were able to speak shortly and just from that small conversation I can tell she is a go getter. If you are in New York, hit her up! She even has her own company, Bite the Bullet Entertainment, bringing all her talents under one power house.


I had the pleasure of speaking to multiple different artists from very diverse backgrounds and all of them were talented! The first artist I saw was Roahon (@Roahonlevy). He had a dope flow and lyrical talent for days! Performance wise he used his space well and seemed confident throughout. Although he was not the first performer of the night, he was the first I saw and it was a great start for sure! The first song he performed, ” On my own,” was my favorite out of the four he brought to the stage.

(The Backwood Hooligans)

Another group who stood out were the Backwood Hooligans from Philly. Consisting of four independent artists and another who is closely affiliated, they came with extremely high, turnt up, live energy! Molly Levi (@MollyLeviOfficial), Christian Real Keez (@ChrisRealKeez), Collie (@PhiladelphiaCollie), and Lil Surf (@LilSurf215) are all Backwoood Hooligan members. My favorite song of theirs was ” Tell him get lost.” They also came out with Varsity(@Varsity_Rees), another dope artist local to Philly. I actually had to chase these guys down after their show. I don’t know how they slipped past me, but I am sure they were ready to head back home to Philadelphia ASAP. You gotta check these guys out though, I am a fan of the energy they bring and can’t wait to interview these guys next time I am in town!

(Unique Hope)

Probably one of the most memorable performances of the night came from Unique Hope(@IAmUniqueHope). She was the only female performer of the night and she definitely brought along with her some sex appeal to match her music, which I would describe as an ode to powerful women. I could tell she came prepared and this was definitely not her first performance to date. You can also find her music on Sound Cloud simply by searching her name. This girl is someone we should all be looking out for!

There were many other artists I would love to give mention to as well:

Hookz Murdock (@HookzMurdock), whose music is a refreshing blend of R&B and Rap. You can find his Sound Cloud, YouTube,  Instagram, EVERYTHING by searching Hookz Murdock. He kept it pretty simple for you guys.

Another great artist who came to the stage with passion, just like his song, “Passionate,” was Akin Haynes (@Subliminal_Kin). I am not sure if he does spoken word as well, but Akin was amazingly poetic and his music spoke to me.

Last but not least, O.G. Lex (@O.G.LexMobb), whose music can be found on Sound Cloud (OGLex_MobbGang), as well as YouTube rapped about real life. I could tell what he spoke, he meant, and that is what resonated with me most.

I am excited to be able to bring all of my readers a diverse group of events to read about from art shows to concerts.  Thanks for all of the continuous support. Make sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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