Gucci Mane and the Breakfast Club: Their history, then and now.

It’s been 3 years since Gucci Mane has been on the Breakfast Club and like before he brought his intimidating persona along with him. Between shutting down DJ Envy in 2013 and calling out Angela Yee again in his latest interview, one thing is for sure, we know Gucci is the realest. Although this time he did not come off as strong, he still remained the openly opinionated soul that he is. He always speaks what’s on his mind and tells us his version of the truth no matter how ugly it is. When you add that to his all around business like mindset and grind there is no wonder why he is such a beast in the game.


His last interview at power 105.1 was in 2013 right before the release of his then new mixtape, Trap God 1017. Some considered him anti during the interview, but he was only standing true to his beliefs. Why answer a question pertaining to possible woman abuse? He knew not to answer any incriminating questions thrown out by Envy or anyone else for that matter. That makes sense to me and to Charlamange Tha God, the person who related most to Gucci during the interview.

During the 3 year old segment Gucci spoke on his close relationship with Waka, beef in the industry, and how he knew Yee has been scared of him since their Lip Service interview. Since then much has changed. Gucci was charged in multiple cases, faced a possibility of 35 years, yet only served a total of 3 years before vowing to never return to the criminal institution.


Since being out of prison all of us, including the entire Breakfast Club crew, were wondering when Gucci would be giving them their next exclusive interview. It almost seemed as if it was something Gucci had been avoiding considering he had blessed other podcasts and radio shows with many since his release. Eventually, last week, he made his long awaited appearance and we got some answers we have all been waiting for.


Upon arrival they addressed his tardiness and his reluctance to be on the show saying that they even offered to do an onsite interview with the rap god. He quickly shut that down saying “Well, I am here now.” As expected, that was not questioned and the interview proceeded without pressure. They spoke on him being cloned and he let us know he thought it was a joke until he saw how far people were taking the rumor. He touched on his engagement to Keyshia Ka’oir and their marriage on 10/17/17, as well as how she proved to be a hustler with an equivalent grind. Before he got locked up he gave her a grand, she took it and flipped it like an “American Hustle” story. They are definitely a power couple that I, along with many others, look up to.

This time around we learned that the distance between Waka Flocka has not been mended and they haven’t spoken in 3 years, yet he didn’t have much to say on that subject. He has also not exchanged words with Jeezy or Soulja Boy, saying he only hopes Soulja gets his act together. He also spoke on his missteps when talking about fellow artists on twitter. He extended an apology to Ross and Monica, but left some undeserving artists with none.


The part that surprised me most was that he wasn’t able to speak to or see his homie Shawty Lo since his release and Lo’s passing. Shawty was a felon and unable to come to the mansion while Gucci was on house arrest. Gucci said he wasn’t able to speak to him much over the phone since his release, but that Lo was a true friend which is something hard to find within the industry. The day Gucci got off house arrest, Lo passed away. When asked if he would want something similar to Shawty’s final “Blue Flame Walk Through”, he passed the question by saying he doesn’t speak or think on things of that nature (reasons why I am such a fan).

By far what everyone is talking about, and the funniest part of the interview, is when Gucci calls out Angela Yee for trying to get with him. He said, in the past, she asked what hotel he was at and she swore it was not her. She actually swore on her unborn child that he mistook her for someone else. I am a fan of them both, but what reason does Gucci have to lie? Like he said in the latest interview, people meet rappers every day and are disappointed, when you meet Gucci all you can say is that he is real.


What are your thoughts on Gucci’s latest interview? Are you a fan of his music? Are you as eager as I am for the Drake collab? Leave a comment below and check in to hear more about what’s hot in hip hop.




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