Troy Ave’s Christmas Tregedy

When we think of the holidays most of us picture love, happiness, and family. We dream of home cooked meals and presents that bring smiles to the faces of all. We might even reflect on dysfunctional family memories, making us cringe inside, but none are really prepared for death or close encounters at that. Unfortunately for some that is a reality.

Yesterday, yes Christmas Day, Troy Ave was involved in his second gun related incident this year. Many are talking about the Flatbush shooting, but in order to understand it we have to look back on May 25th, where it all started. 

Earlier this year, the New York rapper was involved in another shooting at the Irving Plaza in Manhattan which resulted in the death of his childhood friend and body guard. The story itself is muddy and unclear, but the end results of the incident was disheartening. Not only did he suffer a loss, Troy was also shot in his leg and arrested for attempted murder. 

Whether or not the gun was his is unknown, but Ave denies any claims that he brought a gun into the venue. His side is that he wrestled the gun out of his assailants hands before opening fire in self defense. He was released later from jail on a $500,000 bond and continued on his road to recovery, but not after suing the venue for allowing a fire arm to enter the concert.

I can only imagine what it’s like for your world to quickly turn upside down and that was only the beginning. This Christmas another attempt was made on his life on the corner of East 91st street and Linden blvd. Boldly, at 4:20pm, the shooter walked up to Ave’s Maserati with one intent in mind, his death. 

While waiting at a light with his girl, he saw the assault coming just in time to speed off, just not fast enough. The shooter was able to fire off some shots, hitting Ave twice and leaving him bleeding out.

He was thankfully able to make it a few blocks before an unnamed citizen drove him and his girl to the hospital, leaving his car in the street. According to his lawyer, he is okay and already accepting visitors. 50 cent came to visit him that evening, showing his love and support.

Initially we were lead to believe the bullet grazed his head. Yet after his CAT scan  today, it is confirmed that bullet fragments are lodged in his head. The other bullet is still lodged in his back, dangerously close to his spine. Either way he is lucky to be alive and free of any spinal cord injuries. Surgeries to remove the fragments will be scheduled in the future and he will be released later today.

Many have and still are wishing him good health in this holiday season, hoping to see a speedy recovery and timely release. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to see this talented rapper back on the scene, but I have a few questions…. or really, just one.

Where was his girl after he got shot? I just want to know why a “Good Samaritan” had to drive him to a hospital as he bled out? I mean if she was in shock that’s cool, but she needed to snap out of that trance. Troy’s choice in a scared woman could have risked his life, thankfully it did not. Yet, I digress.

What do you all think about this event? Troy Ave has definitely been through a lot this year. Leave a comment below on your thoughts about the shooting or even his girlfriend’s lack of urgency. Thanks for reading!


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