Jayway Sosa and Baby Jesus

Being from Charlotte, I am always searching for new music and artists with over all talent who are from the city. Two artists who have been on my radar for a while are Jayway Sosa and Da Baby (a.k.a. Baby Jesus). Both have multiple songs on my playlist and energy that brings me out to any of their events. This week I was able to catch them both in the same building, White House. I also got to meet Icee Money CEO, Face Lucci, and Jayway’s manager, Cha Soo Cold.

(Cha Soo Cold and Jayway Sosa)

(Little side note, White House was definitely poppin’ Friday.)
(Cha Soo Cold)They definitely brought out a crowd, the club was packed. I could tell the love is real. Their songs are well known by their hometown. Jayway performed first and started with the song most know him by, “Sh*t Together.” Featuring Face and Cha from Icee Money, this song had the most energy. All three artists perfomed. They put on a slight concert and ran the tracks back at the end for an encore.


Although I felt like Jayway was active on the stage, I definitely noticed him turning a lot to his brothers and performing in their direction as well. You could tell they are family. Everybody was lit for his set. There’s no denying that Sosa has hits along with his manager and CEO of Icee Money, Cha and Face.

( Face)

Some other note worthy songs from Sosa and the entire Icee Money movement are: Side Chick, Believe, and Donkway. You can find their music on YouTube by simply searching their names Icee Money, Face Lucci, Jayway Sosa, and Cha Soo Cold. Definitely go check them out, there is way more to come this new year!

(King Carter and Baby Jesus)
The second and last performance was by the one and only Baby Jesus. Recently changing his name to Da Baby, he came out and proved he still has the same energy. His performance was the best of the night. He went into the crowd many times, gave birthday shoutouts, and got hype on the stage with his group of people he stepped out with.

(Da Baby a.k.a. Baby Jesus)
He started the night with “Light Show,” a top 40 song in urban radio. This hit song is well known to many and had the whole club jumping. That isn’t his only banger though, his newest mixtape is in my CD player right now. He also perfomed songs “Drug Money” and “Coming Over,” ending with “Light Show” one more time.

Another noteable thing about Baby Jesus is his fan love. I don’t mean the love from his fans, although that’s prevelant, but his love of his fans. He may have a confident personality as an artist but when it comes down to it, he is always showing love. If I know one artist will never be lacking when it comes to that, it’s him. Something like that is hard to find. Building a solid fan base who supports and loves you is a hard feat especially in your own city. Both artists have that foundation here.

Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention the love he got from the women. He really showed out. When “Coming Over” played the ladies really went crazy. Shirts came off and things got wild. No, not the women. Baby Jesus shed some layers.


His plans were to sing to one girl, but that isn’t how it went down. Once he hopped off that stage and went into the crowd, he was surrounded by women wanting a piece of him. He stayed down in that pit of women for  a while before ending his performance and the night in general. He definitely put on a show!



Both of these artists left a memorable impact and I can’t wait for the next show! Have you all heard any of their music? What do you think about these hot artists in the Hip Hop game? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for checking in once again to stay on top of everything in music and all of the hottest events in the city.

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