NYE: Where To Go

It’s New Years Eve and everybody is excited to get cute, pop champagne, and possibly kiss the person they’ve been choosing on all 2016. Yeah, I am ready for tonight too. I already know what I am wearing (P.S. I am turning heads tonight!) and I too hope to snag a New Year kiss from someone special tonight. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Before we head out we have to be prepared though.


If you don’t already know by now, I am your go to girl for all the Charlotte events and you are in good hands.  Don’t worry and to be quite honest, anywhere you go tonight will be lit. Since it is the New Year, everybody and their grandma are going out tonight. That being said, some of you may be looking for the spot to turn up, what’s poppin’, and where you should be.  It’s New Years Eve and the city will be full of people! So, today I will be giving some NYE party tips from getting ready to where to go. Tonight is going to be crazy!

The warm up

Outshining the rest:

  1. Be yourself. Too many people are walking out of one year and into another still tryna be the “cool kid.” I promise once you are true to yourself, your year will fall in line. Let’s start it right!
  2. Shower and right after put on some deoderant. I am not playing here. Be clean and smell clean. It is gonna be packed out there tonight and no one likes smelling must. (This goes for men and women.) If not, you are missing out on that kiss. Sorry!
  3. BRUSH YOUR TEETH! How do you expect to kiss someone when your breath is on 10?
  4. Get fly! (and no that doesn’t mean spend your whole check getting fresh) I don’t know what the point is blowing all your money on a fit if you can’t afford to get in the club, or even worse, you are starting the New Year broke with weak pockets.

So now that you have your starter kit to get out the house, what do we do?



  1. Drink but don’t get drunk. Now is not the time to go hard. You need to make it to the club and even better you need to still look good enough to feel like all the preparation was worth it and you don’t look bummy.
  2. That’s really the only key. Who is gonna want you with throw up on your breath and a wobble to your step?

Have fun and save the final celebrations for the club. Now it is time to get there.



The Drive

Honestly, we should all know by now to not drink and drive and to remain safe. Since many of us need that extra reminder: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. PERIOD. You already know how dangerous it is and on top of that too many police will be out tonight.

Aside from that, most doors open at 9pm and all clubs will be slammed. That means leave early and prepare for traffic. Also, expect pricey parking.


But where are we driving to specifically?


Where do you go

Romare Bearden Park

  1. First you can go anywhere. From clubs to bars and even local breweries, there is something to do. At Romare Bearden Park there will be a DJ, family friendly celebration and fireworks at midnight. It is also FREE. In case you are feeling stuck at home with the kids.
  2. Bring a chair, some blankets, and get prepared for more relaxing night of fun.


The Epicenter:

  1. The epicentre is my suggested go-to. A list of clubs inside this entertainment hub are: Bubble, Whiskey River, Vault, Kandy Bar, and Roof Top 210. All of the clubs range from $25 up so it is also easy on your pockets for those of you who didn’t listen to Section 1, Tip #3.
  2. With all of the clubs and restaurants I can only imagine this will be the #1 spot to be at this NYE!


My suggestion/Where I’ll be:

1.Where will I be? Well in my humble opinion it’s the only spot to be at……. SMG!                                                                     2. Entry is only $20 and VIP is a cool $40, to party you are damn sure not gonna break the bank.                                                                                                                                                          3. I will be here and some of the hottest party promoters as well, so pull up!


Now that you have my “professional party goer” tips and a clear idea of where to go, tonight should be a breeze. I’ll catch you guys at SMG.

Do you have your own tips for tonight? Where are you spending NYE? Leave your comments below and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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