Mariah Carey’s NYE Fail

It’s a new year and many are looking forward to leaving 2016 behind with all it’s failure and misfortune. For some 2016 wasn’t the best. Between break ups, losing money, and just straight up embarrassment it wasn’t the hottest year. The person heading the pack of the unlucky is Mariah Carey.


Last night she took another L on the largest level yet. You would think that’s a hard feat after arriving late to most of her shows, asking for $50 million and a mansion from an ex, and being donkey of the day on the Breakfast Club. She topped off her year of showing her ass in New York this past Saturday, proving she lives up to her egocentric name and needs to take a major seat in 2017.


If you are like me, you didn’t get a chance to watch the ball drop on the iconic show “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” yet I am sure you heard all about it. If you haven’t, don’t worry. I’ve got the latest details on her performance and her amazing ability to blame everyone but herself.


Mariah is known for her great singing skills, but she is markedly known for much more than that. Mostly being late. In 2016 she really showed her diva colors by being late to multiple gigs, upsetting most of her fans for good reason.


The show already knew of her bad habits and hired a special team to make sure Carey was on time. They even went as far as booking an apartment for her in Times Square even though she lives in Manhattan. Apparently it was for good reason though, one of her reps asked what time the ball was supposed to drop. (Helloooo it’s New Years Eve, the ball drops at midnight!)


She even came to rehearsal with a stand in, watching them practice the steps of the performance from the sidelines. Apparently there were missteps on both sides though. Mariah reportedly told the production team multiple times that her ear pieces were not working up to 4 minutes before show time. It’s seems to me that Mimi and her team are using anything as an excuse.
For me the issue wasn’t the technical difficulties. Relating to real life situations is my strong point and like Mariah Carey said, “Sh*t happens.” The problem was the fact it was so clear that she intended to lip sync the entire show. The first song of her performance the vocals didn’t play. Since it was just the instrumental track she decided she would let that just play out. She literally walked around stage saying things like “We’re missing some of the vocals, but that’s what it is,” adding random ad libs that weren’t up to par.

Stating half way through that she was only trying to be a good sport, she lip synced “we belong together” completely. You could tell her embarrassment through the lack of energy on stage. She half way moved her lips, lagging behind the actual vocals and a few times even lowered the mic from her lips only to prove she wasn’t singing at all. She walked off stage saying “It doesn’t get better than this.” (I am attaching a video of her performance below for you to see for yourself.)


Now she and her team are saying it’s sabotage and not her fault. Their claim is that Dick Clark Productions set her up for ratings. Sources says she did the show for free and and that they wish had went on vacation instead. Personally I think now is not the best time for excuses. It’s a new year and time to be accountable for your actions. Dick Clark Productions says the claim is defamatory and incredulous. Either way the performance could have been better if she handled the malfunctions appropriately.


End of the day, Mariah Carey needs a reality check. She is not Beyoncé and Beyoncé wouldn’t pull something crazy like that. The entire performance summarized the past year for the ridiculous artist, overrated and sloppy. She needed some grounding so I don’t feel bad for her embarrassment although millions were there, and even more millions were watching from home.


My only advice for her is to tighten up. She’s got a long way to go to recover from this. What did you think about Mariah’s performance? Comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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