Soulja Boy and his journey towards relevance

Since the beginning of the year, we have not only witnessed Mariah Carey’s public death of her career, but now we have probably seen the lamest celebrity beef of the year. This is the most silly rap beef I have yet to notice in the industry and a huge publicity stunt from one, if not both of the artists. Yes, I am talking about Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, and the uncalled for fake issue between the two. They started their beef on the first of the year, but that is not the only fight the irrelevant, middle school dance party rapper has started.


Through out the year of 2016 Soulja has picked a fight with Lil Yachty, Keke Palmer (Yes, a female who has nothing to do with Soulja), 21 Savage, and Shia Lebouef. God only knows who else I might have left out of this desperate equation. Just the fact that he started beef with Keke Palmer proves he is desperate for attention. Lil Yatchy took to social networks to let people know he has nothing to say on the matter and that Soulja Boy is “fried.”
 Soulja has since made a public apology to all who were caught in the crossfire. Don’t worry you guys, he was only tripping because of the lack of drugs in his system. He blamed the fact that he was short on weed and lean for the fighting. Seemingly after he gained enough publicity, the beef was done.


Next in line, and right when the hot topic of Soulja Boy was dying down, Soulja picked Chris Brown out next. Or really Chris picked on him. Who really knows? Between Chris being crazy over Karruche and Soulja just being plain crazy, I’m not sure who takes the crown on this one. Either way the beef is “real” and now Royalty (Chris Brown’s daughter), Floyd Mayweather, and the ex (Karrueche) are all stuck in the middle.


Just to give you a run down, it all started a few days ago when Soulja commented on Karrueche pic with heart eyes. We all know how possessive Brown is over his ex and the emojis really set him off. He went on to call Soulja saying he wanted to fight him and to lay off his past girl. Soulja responded telling him to lay off of the coke and that Karrueche doesn’t even want Brown any more. Then Chris rebuttled saying he was gonna stop going back and forth, but then continued with the foolishness.


Now Soulja has linked up with Floyd to train him for the upcoming charity boxing match between the two which has been scheduled for sometime in March. He has also followed that with a post of Brown’s daughter with Floyd Mayweather and the Money Team tagged on Instagram. God knows I am just ready for this mess to end and to see Chris Brown whoop Soulja in the ring. The dancer has way more agility I am sure than the wannabe ganster. Soulja has claimed Blood and GD in the past… I am not a gang expert, but since when can you switch up like that?  Now we can finally focus on something more important. Anything. I don’t think Soulja deserves this much air time.


Soulja has since released a public apology to Chris saying his mother is sick in the hospital and that is why he has been tripping lately. Whether that is true, exaggerated, or whatever there is no excuse for his excessive foolishness. He also said he wants to make music with Yatchy, Chris, and Quavo now. Duhhhh, Soulja Boy, of course you want to make music with some of the hottest artists in the game right now. This guy is truly delusional and if any of those named artists collab with him I will be dissappointed. For now though, we can rest easy knowing that the beef has been squashed and the rest will be finished in a legal boxing match. Thank God!



Who do you think is gonna win this match and are you going to tune in to watch? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for tuning in again this week!


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