Nappy Chef and Goof Camp’s  “Food and Comedy Tour”

With every season there’s new activities and events. Music festivals are around the corner for spring and summer. I love going to the mountains during fall. But in the winter, there is nothing better than good food and laughter. So, when the Nappy Chef told me about his latest event, I was all in! 

I’ve never seen stand up comedy in person so for that reason alone I was really excited. To try something new is to live. I got there early with Divergent Films to scope out the area and get ready for the night. Thanks to him for the great pics! 

Anyways, the Nappy Chef came to greet me and unveiled the menu for the night, chicken tacos and a chef salad. By far my favorite food he makes are his Thai chili wings, but that’s a hard choice. I love his jerk chicken, salmon, and yes, the tacos too! Whatever the chef touches blesses my tummy.

About the time we were done eating the show started. There were four comedians of the night, all from the same team, Goof Camp. Started by Jiwan Kapp, Goof camp actually stands for Giving Others Opportunities First. 

He along with three other comedians, Tre Pone, Ampston Hews, and Maurice Rose each brought amazing energy to the show. Each act was unique and had me laughing all night long. For my first time, I was impressed. I never thought I was a fan of stand up until now. I’ll definitely be at another!

To keep up with those hilarious artists check out their Instagrams:

Tre Pone: @IZ_Pone_Der

Maurice Rose: @ComedianMauriceRose

Jiwan Kapp: @Comedian_Jiwan

Ampston Hews: @AmpstonHews

I can’t wait for the next Nappy Chef event. There is no telling what he might whip up next time, maybe his famous jerk chicken mac and cheese. If I’m free I’ll be at the next one! Keep and eye out on his Instagram for updates: @NappyChefYBE

Thanks for checking in again!

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