The Private Event at Flo Bar and Lounge

Last Saturday was one to remember. It was full of food, specialty cocktails, Mario and Minnie Mouse, and great music. If it sounds like a ball, it was. If you’re wondering how you missed it, it was invite only, which made it that more lit!

I was at the private opening for Flo, Sport E Odie’s newest business venture, a bar/lounge and eatery. If you follow him you already knew it was coming, but were probably wondering when. Well the grand opening date has been set for Janurary 28th and it’s time to mark your calenders! There’s no way you can miss out on this, if not for anything but the food!!

At the private event everyone was treated like royalty. As you walked up, there was a Dusse back drop for pictures, A1 security, and the overall look of his entrance was amazing. Upon arrival we all received free drink vouchers for our first alcoholic beverage and of course Dusse was part of each signature drink. (If you didn’t know, Sport is a Dusse ambassador.) On top of that, everyone also got a gift bag with a Dusse torch lighter, a Dusse cigar cutter, and a Padrón cigar. Very classy might I say.

That’s not where the hospitality ended though. His bottle service was ridiculous. So over the top that I had to ask the first recipient if it was their birthday. All the waitresses came out, one of them holding a cut out of King Carter’s face and Dusse cut out as well, and of course each girl had one of those classic “bottle girl” lights. 

To put the cherry on top, one of the girls came out wearing a costumed character head and popped a confetti stick. Yes that sounds like a production and yes that was the show for every bottle ordered. The switched the costumes heads up too between Minnie, Mario, Mickey, and more. I could tell a lot of effort went into his baby, Flo.

The decor was on point as well with pictures courtesy of @dammit_wesley and even the bathroom was dope with restroom doors covered in powerful, beautiful women; my favorite being Winnie Harlow. Over all the visual appeal of the whole evening was lavish.

 Sport told me in a previous interview that he found that inspiration from different venues in Vegas, Atlanta, Miami and wanted to bring something home for his city. He completed that goal.
Now to get to my favorite part of life, the food. 
They had a delicious sandwich, simple with beef. I’m not sure all the ingredients put into that little bite, but it was packed with flavor. We also tried tacos and my favorite taste of the night, braised beef with parmasaun cheese mashed potatoes. All of the food I sampled was simply amazing and you could tell there was a lot of effort put into each meal.

Sport said he was looking to have a spoken word night through out the week with other relaxed mixers, a different vibe from the clubs he promotes. I can definitely see this turning into one of my regular spots. I know I will frequent here way more often than the club scene. 

His official grand opening is on Janurary 28th, 11am to 2am. I know many people will come out and its suits any kind of crowd. Come for a break during lunch, or skip the club and catch a different vibe. One thing is for sure, at Flo you won’t be missing out on anything. They provide food, drinks, good music, and an amazing aesthetic appeal!
Keep an eye out for my latest on site interview with Sport E Odie at the Flo private event! Thanks for reading. Who’s excited for the official grand opening?

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