Rapper Ralo Gets Into His Second Car Crash This Month

Some of us are familiar with the up and coming Atlanta rapper Ralo. Once a friend of Young Thug and someone who has a close relationship with rapper Future. He recently dropped his newest video for “My Brothers” ft Future on Jan. 18th on World Star. Make sure to check out my “Hot New Videos” page to check it out. They both snapped.

Ralo and Future

Yet, if you don’t know him from his music career, you may know him from an accident he was involved in early this year. Now he has been involved in another! An accident which most definitely could have been fatal. The first accident involved a corvette stingray and the most recent crash, a black SUV. Two days after the initial accident he purchased another car, a brand new z06 and resorted to social networks to flex with that, all his jewlery, and his homies to back his big talk up.

The first car he crashed

Check out his video from just two days after his first car crash:

 The car he got after his first crash

Well although it is not clear whether or not the artist was driving for either incident, one thing is for sure. Whoever was driving needs to slow down. Each accident is something rapper Ralo knows he needs to be thankful for, giving praise to his god, Ala. After his thanks though, he says its “some real gansta shit.” He was with three friends and they all walked away. Comments online range from demanding someone revoke his license to saying its all for pubilicity.

No matter the actual motive or lack of one behind these accidents, Ralo is lucky af. What do you think of this ATL rapper? Do you think he needs to lose his license? Check out the video below and see the damage done in the lastest crash!

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