Aquala Chantal: A Natural Talent

Everyone enjoys a break from work, hardships, and a time to let loose and relax. Nothing delivers that feeling more than an artistic night out at Apostrophe Lounge. Now this isn’t your average place to go if you are looking to really “turn up,” but to catch a vibe…. i couldn’t have been anywhere better this Friday.


First off I had the pleasure of watching the host, Nuff Ced for my first time. He was a wonderful host, encouraged sales for the talented and independent artist, and brought such live energy I had no choice but to smile and dance along to the music. He has been involved in the industry for a while and really knows what he is doing. You can find him on IG @NuffCed or YouTube. His channel can be found by searching NuffCed4Sho. Be sure to check him out.

Now to get into the main part of the event, Aquala. Have you heard the saying “great things come in small packages?” I am sure you have and if you came to the event you also now have a great example of the meaning. Aquala Chantal has not only a large, outgoing personality, but also a powerful message and voice.

She sends out a feeling of peace so much and it is no question as to why her EP is called “Who am I.” Before she came out Nuff Ced read a poetic piece as an intro to “Who Am I.” It definitely set the mood. She caught my attention right away with her first song “Who Am I.” Each song had a video to go along with it, only adding to the experience of the show. “Who Am I” was set in the snowy mountains and really told a story.


All her songs had amazing, relatable lyrics, but the forth song spoke to me the most. Named “Little Things,” this song told of all the things you do for love. As a woman I can definitely relate. Even men can take something from it!

She also included a lively song, showing her fun loving personality, “Club Love.” It was hard to believe that this was her first live performance, yet very impressive. She is from Charleston, SC, but is now in Charlotte trying to make a name for herself and doing a great job starting out!


The overall event had a great turn out, positive energy, and it was very supportive. I love to go out and witness the making of something special and I can honestly say, Friday was nothing short of that. Have you heard of Aquala Chantal and are you familiar with her music? Be sure to go support and up and coming artist!

Here’s all her info:




Thanks for reading and make sure to keep checking back for more details in entertainment and music!

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