Soulja Boy Charged With Felony Gun Possesion

Soulja Boy has been receiving a lot of attention in the media lately. He has been beefing on and off with a list of rappers and other artists in the industry. He has been robbed, claimed gang affiliation, and is now due to fight rapper Chris Brown in March.

With that being said he’s taken another “L” and been charged on 3 accounts. Now he has to face charges of: possession of an assault weapon, fire arm by felon, and possession of a stolen fire arm.

All of this is coming from his arrest in December. When authorities searched his house they found the guns inside the California home. He could now be facing more than  four years in prison!

Here’s the kicker though. The stolen firearm was from A POLICE CAR!!!!  How it was obtained is unclear, either way the fate of Soulja Boy is unknown. Three charges and he is already a felon…. SHEESH. Plus, since he is steady claiming a gang, I wonder if that will play any part into the case? Yet, even in the face of his criminal issues, he is still hard at work.


Soulja Boy has spoken out on the incident, but has been active on instagram. He just posted this pic promoting his “Draco” tour.

Yesterday he released the video to his latest song, “Having My Way.” Which, although it kills me to say, isn’t all that bad. (You can check the video out at below!) He is due to release a new app “Soulja Boxing” and just release new emojis for his Soulja Boy emoji app as well. Yet, four years will definitely slow down his grind. Hopefully for him he is suited and booted with a hell of a lawyer.

Now the only questions are: Will this boxing match with Chris Brown still go down? Will Soulja Boy do some real time? And what’s the next thing we will hear about the artist? Hopefully something good.

What do you think of his latest charges? Will he be able to make the fight he has been training so hard for? Let me know in the comments below!

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