New Mixtape Release: 2 Lettaz OZ Drops “Free Me”

Let me start by saying, LISTEN UP!!!! This independent artist has hit the scene with a few things under his belt to stand out from the rest! First and foremost, he has talent. It’s hard to deny his poetically formed trap lyrics that no one can measure up to. If I were to compare him to anyone, it would be Lil Boosie, but I can’t because even his sound is unique to itself. Now, the artist has released a new project and it isn’t something to over look.

South Carolina rapper, 2 Lettaz OZ, is not someone to miss. Known for his hit single, “Trapped in the Trap,”  he is hitting the industry hard with the release of his newest mixtape “Free Me.” If you haven’t already downloaded it, it’s on Spinrilla and available now! (His hit song is also featured on the mixtape, “Trapped in the Trap” #15 on the tape.)

This new mixtape features songs with rappers B.A., YoungKey, OffTop Sav, and Young Dolph, but he has included many solo songs that focus on him and shine a light on his true talent. My favorite hits on the album are by far “It’s Gone Cost Ya,” “OH YEAH,” “Nigga Like Me,” and “Ain’t No Hook Bihh.” Yet, that is such a hard decision! There is something for everyone on this 18 song mixtape, “Free Me.” So download on the app or listen below, either way trust me and thank me later!


Although this artist is from South Carolina, he also considers Charlotte home and has sure made a name for himself! He has major support from many different big names in the Charlotte entertainment scene and he proves it with drops on the tape from Deejay Trap, Greg Money Man Jones, and 20 Vision. He also get support from many radio personalities, one of them being Streetz 1033’s very own, Mario the Micman.

This mixtape boasts an album feel not only with song choice, but overall production. 20 Vision, Deejay Trap, Willy Frank, Tevee, and MJ Nichols are just of few producers to be involved in this project. You can tell that this mixtape has heart, hard work, and dedication as you listen, which has created a great foundation for it’s success.


Overall, 2 Lettaz has opened up and put everything on the table with this one. Lyrically, he is a savage and it shows in every song. I referenced “Ain’t No Hook Bihh” already, but this song speaks for itself on his talent. In a time of Hip Hop where it seems as though it’s hard to find good music, this artist changes the game.

You can follow him on Instagram @2Lettaz_OZ


Below you can stream his mixtape in entirety. Comment below and let me know your thoughts and make sure to support this independent artist by downloading all of your favorite songs!





    1. Personally, 2 Lettaz is one of my favorite artists out of Charlotte. I like splash631 who is an underground artist in Long Island. Other than that, I’m totally into the Culture album AND word is Future is dropping ANOTHER album Friday (just not sure if that is correct or not).


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