I Decided: Big Sean’s Anticipated Release

I, along with pretty much everyone else, have been watching the clock; waiting on midnight. Now, we can finally rest happy knowing this long awaited has officially dropped. 

Big Sean reflects on his take of a second chance with, “I Decided,” his fourth studio album. This album stands out for more reasons than his many features, but one can’t ignore them either. With features from Migos, Eminem, The Dream, Jeremih, Jhene Aiko this 14 track playlist is sure to be impressive. Not to mention the fact it includes his #15  hit on Billboard’s Hot 100, “Bounce Back”

The hit song has over 36 million views on YouTube and is followed by “Moves” #6 on the track list. Although that song only hit #65, it’s still on the “Top 100” list and is accompanied by a video with over 8 million views. 

Big Sean reaches a broad audience with his ability to relate to virtually all human beings. He looks at his past decisions, right and wrong, and speaks to his younger self. Sean said,  “So the album is basically like having that wisdom of an old man while you’re young and going through life & figuring it out,” meaning this should be another inspiring and lyrical masterpiece.

Stream Big Sean’s new album in full below and let me know what you think! 



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