Top Ten Super Bowl Performances

With the Super Bowl 51 yesterday and an amazing performance by Lady Gaga, we must give tribute to the top 10 artists to ever grace the screen. Below are the top performances in history. See how your favorite artists have been ranked!

#10 Diana Ross (1996)

Not only is Diana a star, and therefore pretty much guaranteed a spot on the charts, but she proved it for the 30th anniversary of the Super Bowl. She changed 4 times, had the longest gold mumu ever seen, and exited the stage by helicopter. If we were doing this post ten years ago, she would still be ranking number one!

#9 Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (2014)

Yeah, the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn’t play live, but Bruno made up for it with his amazing foot work and stage presence. He performed his hottest songs and the special effects were amazing on stage. 

#8 Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake (2004)

This performance ranks eight only because of its famous wardrobe malfunction. Janet’s famous nip slip has taken forever for her to recover from and honestly, she is still recovering to this day. Everyone will remember where they were when they saw Janet’s nipple. She says it was an accident, everyone else says it’s intentional. She did wear a matching star pasty under though, leaving us all wondering who is telling the truth.

#7 Madonna, M.I.A., and Nicki Minaj (2012)

There are too many queens on this set to not come in at number 7. Madonna came out as Cleopatra, there was a gospel choir, and M.I.A. flipped the bird live on camera. That little mishap brought about a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit, but has since been handled. Oh, and of course Nicki rocked the stage as always!

#6 Prince (2007)

This “Purple Rain” pop singer took over in 2007 with his prince symboled stage, real purple rain, and an illuminated marching band. Let’s not forget to mention the fireworks on stage and this controversial pic you can see below!

#5 Beyoncé (2013)

Of course Bey makes the top five cut because she is the all reigning Queen! Some thought Jay Z would make a appearance, but Sasha Fierce held it down for the 2013 Bowl. She brought Destiny’s Child along with her for part of the performance with a stage full of fire. “Single Ladies” and “Crazy In Love” were definitely not left out of this set!

#4 Katy Perry and Missy Elliot (2015)

A huge tiger, 3 wardrobe changes, and dancing sharks is what got this act to number 4. Let’s not forget to mention one of the best female rappers to go with it, Missy Elliot!

#3 Michael Jackson (1993)

The King gets number three because before Gaga, he was the first to pop up on megatron screens and explode from the stage. We can’t forget his 90second moment of silence before singing his hit “Jam” and “Billy Jean.” He has always been known for an amazing act and dramatic entrances.

#2 Beyoncé (2016)

Only a Queen can perform at the super bowl twice and make the top five twice as well. This performance ranks at number two because of one reason only. Some call it a tribute to the black panthers, some to black excellence. Either way she got her ladies in “Formation” and they made an impact on the country. 

#1 Lady Gaga (2017) 

If this was made two days ago, Bey would still have the #1 title, but Gaga did something amazing last night. She lived true to her name, starting her performance on the retractable roof of the stadium, she came down to the stage twisting and turning right before her next song, edge of glory. She exited the stage by leaping off, another bold move. This was something one could only describe as a masterpiece and has definitely gone down as the best show in Super Bowl history!

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