Beyoncé Is Still Performing At The Grammy’s

Beyoncé is a Queen of many things and the epitome of the saying, “the show must go on!” She even proved this during her 2013 show in Montreal where her hair got stuck in a fan and she didn’t miss a beat!

This time she has surpassed that moment though and vowed that she will still be performing at not only the Grammy’s, but Coachella as well; although she is pregnant with twins! That right there is dedication and the reason she is loved world wide! 

Nominated for 9 Grammy’s this year, she won’t let that twin sized baby bump slow her down. She is nominated for album of the year, song of the year, and record of the year against Adele. She has never won album of the year, but with the only competition being Adele’s album 25, we think this might be her year!

With the most nominations this year and 60 nominations total throughout her career her name is not new to the scene. She has won a total of 20 Grammy’s and her performance is set to phenomenal! We are all waiting to see her perform with two extra heartbeats with her on stage!

She also just added two headliners to her Coachella act, but they have yet to be announced. She did tease one is from Roc Nation and another close to her camp. Does this mean Rihanna might be making an appearance? Or maybe even the king Jay Z himself? 

Either way, one thing is for sure, Beyoncé isn’t going to let a little baby bump get in the way of her and her Beyhive! Catch her on Feb. 12th for the Grammy’s.

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