Saddest Story Ever Art Show

The Saddest Story Ever art show was not something to miss! It featured plenty artists from poets to painters, an open bar, and the ticket price: donation only. A.K.A. It was free. Yet, I would have paid $10 for the experience, not just as support, but also my pure enjoyment.

Jersey native artists, Jay & Lu, were there to display their Dr.Seuss like art. Pictures that can only be described as an ode to police brutality and injustice were hung on the walls along with the inspiration beside each piece.

Both artists wore handmade clothing created by themselves, as well. The Super Poor Kids, Jay & Lu, also had prints of their work for sale beside them as Lu painted live. You could tell art was their passion through their words, art, and clothes.

If that wasn’t dope enough in itself, the spoken word artists put the cherry on top. Each came with their own personal style yet stayed true to it’s overall theme of the evening. One key word I could use to describe it all would be empowerment.

There were four speakers: Laura Jean, Zen Cartel, Will the Poet, and Bella da Pilma. Each performed a few pieces and then joined the crowd for the party. (Below is a picture of artist and poet Bella.)

Aside from the visual and spoken arts at the venue, there was plenty more talent in the building. The knowledgeable and friendly host Taqee Bond kept the night alive during down time and mingled throughout the evening. He worked well with Dj Q Shepard without a hitch.

Musically the vibe was on point from throwbacks, to new music, even a little down south rap. Altogether, it was an amazing mash of culture, love, and action. This event was perfect for anyone of any cultural background to attend and was full of support and free spirits.

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